‘Karen’ apologizes for calling the woman from the cops in chalk

Calling a Filipino man who played the “BLACK LIVE TALK” template in chalk on his property, California “Karen” said on Sunday that he was “very upset” for his “racist” actions and personally apologized for coffee. .

“When I decided to question what he was doing in front of his house last Tuesday, there are not enough words to explain how sorry I was because I was disrespectful to him.” said in a statement Sent to Twitter – with reference to it now the infamous videotape encounter With James Juanillo residing in San Francisco.

While Alexander ‘s husband was filming him, the woman told Juanillo that he had illegally posted on the retaining wall because he was “private property” and knew his owner.

Juanillo is the owner of the building.

“I should have looked at my own business,” Alexander wrote to the white women called “Karen”, the humiliating term rightly perceived on social media, in her mea culpa.

“At that time, I didn’t realize that my actions were racist and that it took a painful lesson. “I look harshly at the meanings behind the white privilege.”

“I would love to have a cup of coffee in our neighborhood with Mr. Juanillo, so I must apologize in person.”

Filipino Juanillo, according to the local press, At one point, during his taping of the encounter, he noted, “That’s why Black Life Matters.”

Since the images became viral, Alexander saw that the skincare line was dropped by the makeup company Birchbox, According to SFGATE.

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