K Burley apologizes for birthday party that broke the coronavirus rule K Burley

Sky News presenter K Barley apologized after admitting to having a 60th birthday party violating the Covid rules on Saturday night.

Barley, who was facing an internal investigation into the incident on Monday night, went to Century Club in Soho, London, in a team of ten to mark the occasion, which included Akash colleagues Beth Rigby, Inzamam Rashid and Sam Washington.

The group sits at two tables of six and four, a restaurant next to it, before heading to Foley. Then a small group of four returned to Barley’s house to continue the celebration.

All Sky workers now face a review of their behavior by their employer, who said it was “disappointed” at the incident.

On Monday evening, after the Guido Fox website published the story, Barley – who has caught the feet of several politicians centering on the lockdown rule this year – Level 2 admits to breaking restrictions, Tweeted: “I want to apologize to all of you for an error in the verdict. Saturday night I am enjoying my th0th birthday at Covid-Compliant Restaurant. I am embarrassed that later in the evening I unknowingly broke the rules.

“I was waiting for a taxi home at 11pm. Desperate for Lou, I stayed at another restaurant for a while to spend a penny. I can only apologize. “

Burley is understood to have blamed the situation for a misunderstanding in the planning and organization of the event. But he claims why a team of four, including Rashid and former Sky News Royal correspondent and Huawei’s PR executive Paul Harrison, returned to his home after dinner, which is not believed to be controversial. Other Sky News staffers are understood to have been annoyed by the details of the event.

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Barley was a tough interrogator of politicians who are believed to have made excuses for lockdown violations this year.

In May, he held a wide-ranging partnership interview with Cabinet Minister Michael Gove on the Dominic Cummins issue and repeatedly asked him to clarify what the government’s advice would be for members of the public fighting “Covid-19.” Problems with your eyesight “, in the context of an explanation of his travels to Bernard Castle in Camming

He also interviewed Health Secretary Matt Hancock when Professor Neil Ferguson was forced to resign as a government adviser and asked: “What did you think when you read this? Are you head over heels at the desk? “

A spokesman for Sky News said: “We attach the utmost importance to complying with government guidelines on Kovid and we expect all our people to comply.

“We are disappointed to learn that a number of Sky News employees may be involved in activities that violate the guidelines. Although it happened at a social event in private time, we hope all of our people follow the rules appropriate for everyone. An internal process is underway to review the behavior of those involved. “

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