Justin Trudeau kneels at Black Lives Matter show on Parliament Hill

Trudeau’s solidarity action comes after he refuses to comment on whether he would attend the protest earlier in the day. Still, he arrived on Parliament Hill (home of the Canadian Parliament) wearing a black cloth mask on Friday afternoon and surrounded by security guards. CNN affiliated CTVnews.

Trudeau did not speak at the event, but applauded and nodded with other speakers, including the claim that the speaker was not a medium ground in racism. At another point, the speaker shouted “Amen” with other protesters after discussing love and justice.

CTVnews said that some of the crowd should stand up against US President Donald Trump.

Although many celebrities have been spoken about their support for protesters in the US, support from world leaders has been cut, despite global protests involving the Black Lives Matter slogan.

On Monday, when the Canadian leader was asked about the President, he paused for about 20 seconds and looked visibly uncomfortable before throwing the question sideways.
Washington DC paints a huge Black Life Topic. Message on the road to the White House
Friday’s protest was organized by No Peace to Justice as part of a series of protests against worldwide police brutality and systemic racism after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

The crowd remained silent for almost nine minutes – the time when former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed against Floyd’s neck. During this silence, many also knelt.

Trudeau joined them.

The Ottawa Police Service told CTVnews that the march was peaceful. “We respect our residents ‘and community members’ right to speak when they see injustice and we understand the deep pain and frustration of the community,” he said. “Our role is to provide a safe space for people to mourn and be heard.”

Ottawa Public Health asked the participants washing hands, cleaning things, and putting clothes to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

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