justice. Former Coca-Cola UK executive found guilty of bribery

British justice on Thursday denounced a former Coca-Cola executive in the United Kingdom for corruption, having received a total of nearly £1.5 million sterling (1.8 million euros) by benefitting companies from contracts.

London Police said in a statement that Noel Corey, 56, the former head of electrical services contracts for the American conglomerate’s bottling plant in Britain, was given a 20-month suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to five counts of corruption.

bribery and corruption

The investigation began in October 2013 after a company report uncovered bribery and corruption. The executive in question was sacked two months ago after 16 years with the group. The charges against him were spread over a period of nine years.

The investigation revealed collusion with companies with connivance, giving them the advantage of confidential information, to win contracts for electricity services that were or were barely done and were not necessary. The defendant then recovered money from the pocket money by the companies.

Concert Tickets and Football Matches

In addition to large amounts of cash, they also profited from tickets to concerts or football matches, and received hundreds of thousands of pounds through a partnership contract with a local football club.

When the suspect was arrested in 2013, investigators found a file on his computer detailing the money he received, as well as the cost of tickets to the Wimbledon tennis tournament, or Kylie Minogue concert, and Justin Bieber.

First according to Scotland Yard

He had to pay £1.7 million to his former employer, who was unaware of his practices until the case broke.

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Two accomplices were also given suspended prison sentences of one year and 20 months, while three companies were fined between £70,000 and £500,000 for failing to prevent corruption.

According to London Police, it is the first time it has charged and convicted the companies for this type of crime, outlined Scotland Yard in a press release.

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