Jupiter and Saturn announce the arrival of a new force that will rule for 200 years

This moment will only be repeated in eight centuries, so do not say later that the famous astrologer Tanja Veljkovic did not predict what would happen!

The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn in individual elements change every 200 years, so the same element must take a full eight centuries to repeat. Which is happening now.

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It will not be a reunion of the period from November 8, 1186 to February 14, 1425, but important events can then tell us what the focus will be.

After the meeting of Saturn and Jupiter, the kings were brought under control for the first time!

At the beginning of the series in the air signs, on 15 June 1215, the English King John Lackland (John Without Land) published a charter of the Magna Carta Libertatum, which would place him and all future sovereign England under the rule of law. It came under pressure from rebel barons, who could no longer bear the burden of oppressive tax policies and debt.

They are big on the move, because they too are changing the world. Photo: Pixabey

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In the 13th and early 14th centuries, there was a flourishing in culture, spirituality and art, known as humanism and the Renaissance.

From then on, the ruler had to obey God and the laws, even if he had brought them himself at that time. It is the first written constitutional document in English history that established the principle of human and civil rights and symbolizes freedom from oppression.

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Don’t be overjoyed, at the same time Pope Gregory the Ninth established the Papal Inquisition (1231–1233), as a special court for the abolition of heresy. It was one of the most brutal institutions in the history of state repression, and was established to stop the heretical movements of the landless proletariat.

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Finally, it must be said that China has a major role in the period of air rule. For example, Genghis Khan invaded China and conquered Beijing in 1215. Somewhat later came the exploits of Marco Polo, who passed through Venice in 1271 via the Silk Road from Asia and then spent 17 years in China.

The importance of China after Marco Polo is the same as it is today. Look at the east soon!

The importance of China and its values ​​for world trade at the time is similar to the present day, when China is becoming an increasingly important factor in world affairs. Its effect will not extend to the next 20 but to 200 years. We can see that during the first cycle of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra (1981–2000). It was the presence of esoteric China on the world stage.

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By the way, the Republic of China was formed in the sign of Libra, so Jupiter and Saturn were then on their Sun (ruling set), while this cycle would begin on their Moon (population) which is located in Aquarius. Major changes are guaranteed.

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