Judge denies Trump’s request to block John Bolton’s book

A federal judge rejected the Trump administration’s request to stop a new memoir broadcast by former national security adviser John Bolton.

The Trump Team argued that the book should be stopped because it contains confidential information. US District Judge Royce Lamberth disagreed on Saturday.

“While Bolton’s unilateral behavior raises serious national security concerns, the government has not determined that a precautionary measure is an appropriate solution,” Lamberth said.

Serving from April 2018 to September 2019, Bolton mercilessly tells the Trump administration critically.

Statements involving an accusation that Trump is trying to help regain US President Xi Jinping with strategic purchases of U.S. agricultural products are already leaking. Bolton also accused the president of being “surprisingly ignorant of how to run the White House”.

In response to the decision, the president Tweeted Saturday:

“Wow, I agree with the unsuccessful political advisor Steve Schmidt, who eventually called Wacko John Bolton“ a vile man who failed his mission to protect America. ” He also said that he should never be allowed to serve the government again. That’s right! Plain and simple, John Bolton, who washed him until he brought him back and gave him a chance, broke the law by releasing Classified Information (in large quantities). Others have to pay a huge price for it, as before. This should never happen again !!! “

Trump, as before with his past deputies, who had written critical accounts of White House work offered a violent attack Your new book

“Wacko John Bolton’s” extremely boring “(New York Times) book consists of lies and false stories. He said everything about me well until the day I fired him. A disaffected boring fool who just wants to go to war. He never had a clue, he was excluded and happily abandoned. How bad! ” said.

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