Journey to Tibet – Film and Dedication Meeting Salle François Mitterrand, June 1, 2022, Allach.

Tour of Tibet – Film and Dedication Meeting
Wednesday 1 June to Friday 1 July at the Salle François Mitterrandie
**Wednesday June 1 at 4.30pm, room François Mitterrand** Trip to Tibet with Naturalist Photographer Frédéric Larry _**Screening of the Film Expedition to Tibet – In the Footsteps of the Snow Panther**_ Subject: Eight Expeditions to Tibet, One month, more than three years. Frederick Larry is the first to have contact with a snow leopard so close – 12 meters! -, for long hours and full days. From the best-preserved massif of the Tibetan Plateau – between 4,500 and 5,000 meters above sea level – a unique place in the world so far closed where he has managed to gain acceptance, he reports the observation of thirty panthers with their young , all have been identified. A real act of ethics, innovative. Also there is the unexpected encounter with the North China Leopard. In his daily life with families of shepherds, Frédéric recounts his incredible tolerance of large predators and their lives with nature. _**Meeting with an Alaudian Scientific Artist**_: Wildlife photographer Frederic Larry receives the Eric Hosking Award from BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2003. He has just written the movie “In Footsteps of the Snow” for ARTE. Panther”, he directed the film “The Kingdom of the Snow Panther” for several international channels. _**Signing session!**_ Opportunity to purchase and sign the book: Tibet – In harmony with the Snow Panther, Tibetan Highlands Immerse in the middle, a protected area of ​​the legendary snow panther, but also yak, gray wolf, woolly hare and panther…. Large-format book reproduces the work of photographer Frédéric Larry and watercolorist Yves Fagniart .
Screening of the film Expedition to Tibet – Footsteps of the Snow Leopard Meeting with the artist: Frederick Larry, naturalist photographer. book signing !

Room François Mitterrand Rue Fernand Rambert 13190 Allouch Allouch Bouches-du-Rhne

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