Journalist Paul-Andre Como’s 82. died on

Born on March 9, 1940, in Montreal, Paul-André Comu studied political science at the University of Montreal and Paris before becoming a professor at the University of Ottawa from 1967 to 1970. He then started his career as a journalist. Freelance in Brussels, before being hired by Radio-Canada in 1976 as a correspondent.

Until 1982, he covered the activities of the European Economic Community, the then-European Union’s counterpart, before being handed over to London until 1985. He is the journalist Raymond Saint-Pierre, who held his record in Britain when Mr. , Comau accepted a post as editor is to do.

He was one of the fine journalists, highly educated, very knowledgeable, passionate about information and politics.Mr. Saint-Pierre says over the phone, he who knew Mr. Comeau through his older brother at the Seminée de Saint-Hyacinthe before becoming his colleague.

Journalists passionate about Europe

Raymond Saint-Pierre recalls that when he took the torch from Paul-Andre Como in 1985, the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher was at the center of many upheavals between conflicts in Northern Ireland and the coal miners’ strike.

Paul-Andre was indeed an expert, very conscientious, very hardworking, who knew how to explain to Quebecers what was at stake. Because it was very complex matters, full of subtleties, and he was exemplary at that, which later made him a very good teacher.Summaries Mr. Saint-Pierre.

After his tenure as editor-in-chief have toPaul-Andre Comu was chairman of the Commission d’acès l’information du Québec from 1990 to 2000, after which he devoted the rest of his career to teaching as a professor at the National School of Public Administration (ENAP).

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I took him as a lecturer at Laval University in the late 80s. He always denounced the fact that international news in Quebec had a slightly poor relationship.Remembers Patrick White, a professor of journalism at UQAM’s School of Media.

He was very available to the youth. He was someone who was interested, interesting, curious and deeply human.

The unheard of humor behind a public figure

Beyond his journalistic qualities, Paul-André Comeau has been described as a warm, sympathetic and generous man of his person. He also hid a penchant for humor that didn’t necessarily come into the public eye.

I think we should highlight his humour, too, because people who saw him on TV had the impression of someone serious, focused, intellectual, but had a great sense of humour.Raymond Saint-Pierre says.

he had attended [Bye Bye 1984]in which I was also. He was interviewing the Queen of England and was being hit by an umbrella.

Journalist, researcher and professor Florian Sauvageau, Mr. Earnest’s long-time friend, also points to this personality trait that the man sometimes revealed in private.

We created a course and a journalism program at Laval University a long time ago and without it, we would never have been able to do it. He was a very good journalist, also very funny, with a great sense of humour, but also very politeMr Sauvageu explains.

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