Josh Giddey of Thunder Will Not Face Charges as Police Conclude Investigatio

Police in Newport Beach, California have announced that they will not be pursuing charges against NBA player Josh Giddey. The investigation into allegations of an improper relationship with an underage girl has been closed. These allegations first came to light on social media in late November, when an anonymous user claimed that the girl involved was a high school junior at the time.

The Newport Beach police wasted no time in launching an investigation after the allegations were made. Simultaneously, the NBA also initiated its own review of the matter. However, NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed that the league office’s investigation would “take a back seat” to the police’s investigation, emphasizing the seriousness with which they viewed the allegations.

The Thunder’s 21-year-old rookie guard, Giddey, has chosen not to comment on the allegations. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City Thunder coach Mark Daigneault referred to the matter as a “personal issue.” Nevertheless, based on the available facts, the organization made the decision to allow Giddey to continue playing.

Despite the ongoing investigation and the cloud of allegations hanging over him, Giddey has managed to remain focused on the court. He has been performing exceptionally well, averaging 11.8 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game for the Thunder.

However, Giddey has not been without his share of challenges following the allegations. The young player has been facing booing from fans during road games since the news broke. This hostile reception from fans has undoubtedly added to the pressure Giddey is already under.

While the absence of legal charges may come as a relief for Giddey, the NBA’s investigation is still ongoing. The league will likely continue to closely monitor the situation and take appropriate action if necessary. For now, Giddey will have to rely on his talent and resilience to continue performing at a high level while dealing with the ongoing scrutiny and turbulence surrounding his personal life.

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