Josep Borel: The European Union closely monitors the human rights situation in Algeria

The European Union (EU) is closely following developments in Algeria, and in particular the human rights situation, underlined Josep Borel, the EU’s high representative for foreign policy and security. In response to a MEP question on the deterioration of the human rights situation in Algeria, Mr. Burrell clarified that fundamental freedoms and respect for human rights are an essential element in EU relations.

He noted in this context that the European Union emphasizes the importance of respecting these rights and freedoms in their relations with this country and the freedom of expression and pluralism, to initiate an inclusive dialogue with all representatives of society from Algerian authorities Invokes.

MEP Gianna Gansia, in her question, called on Mr. Burrell on “the continuation of systematic abuse against political opponents in Algeria”, recalling last March’s appeal of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. To end man “arbitrary detention in Algeria and to repeal laws that violate freedom of expression and assembly”.

The Italian MEP called on the European Commission to “investigate the arrogance by Algerian authorities to the fundamental rights of the Algerians”. He also called for sanctions against the Algerian authorities responsible for serious violations committed against detainees of the popular movement Diamond.

In this context, the MEP questioned Mr. Borel on the follow-up to the successive resolutions of the European Parliament, demanding the guarantee of protection of human rights and freedom from the Algerian authorities.

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