Jordan Pickford avoids disciplinary action for the Virgil Van Dijk challenge. Everton

Jordan Pickford will not face any discipline for the Wild Challenge that probably missed the rest of the season through injury to Virgil Van Dijk.

In the tenth minute of the Merseyside derby on Saturday, Everton goalkeeper Van Dijk’s ball slipped recklessly with his stud over the ball. On Sunday, Liverpool confirmed that the defender would undergo surgery on his right knee after sustaining damage to his previous cruciate ligament.

The injury could keep the Dutchman out for six months to a year, but Pickford will not be penalized. Under the Football Association’s disciplinary rules, prior action may be taken only when no incident has been observed or is reviewed by the VAR.

In this instance, however, and after consultation with match officials, the FA decided that the incident had taken place.

The verdict raises further questions about the day’s decision, but referee Michael Oliver took his video along with assistant referee David Coates.

Cote apparently took on the role of the goalkeeper’s challenger without examining the possibility of investigating the incident involving Pickford and Van Dijk. This is thought to have happened because Oliver felt that the challenge was not a red card incident.

Instead the check was to see if any fines should have been paid for this deal, a decision that eventually became obsolete after Van Dijk was considered out of the buildup. Cote had the power to reconsider the red-card decision but imagined the check was not complete.

Under an amendment to the VAR protocol in the Premier League this season, the referee should have been encouraged to look at his pitchside monitor to determine if he made a mistake in deciding not to issue a red card for Pickford’s foul.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp acknowledged on Monday that Van Dijk’s campaign date had not yet been set but acknowledged that the Dutch had been missing for some time at the international level.

“We don’t want to set any deadlines, to be honest, because each player is different and each individual is different and these possible deadlines are always for X, Y, Z players. [but] Virgil Virgil and we don’t want to set any deadlines, ”Klopp said.

“We feel very, very much for him right now because most of us were in a similar situation and we know this situation is absolutely rubbish. You don’t need it you don’t need it but you have to get on top of it and Virgil will get 100% compensation for it and if you want to recover then today is the first day. “

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