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Network – The organization accepted membership of these two countries, which have no historical connection with Britain, on the last day of their summit in Rwanda.

The Commonwealth extends its influence. Gabon and Togo joined the organization on Saturday, becoming the last nation without historical ties with the United Kingdom to enter an English-speaking club led by Queen Elizabeth II. These two French-speaking countries are the first new members since Rwanda in 2009.

Composed of 54 countries, most of which are former British colonies, the Commonwealth accepted these membership applications on the last day of its summit in Rwanda. “We welcome them all to the Commonwealth family,” said Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

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For Togolese Foreign Minister Robert Ducey, the Commonwealth’s 2.5 billion consumers offer new economic and educational opportunities and spark a “craze” for English among his compatriots. “Togo’s membership is driven by a desire to expand its diplomatic, political and economic network (…) and come closer to the English-speaking world,” he explained. It allows the small developing nation of 8.5 million people to redefine bilateral ties with the UK outside the EU after Brexit.

Two French-speaking countries have also requested their membership (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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