Johnson Tunnel plan: costs far higher than previously known

The estimated cost of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to build a bridge or tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland, which has since been shelved, is far higher than previously thought.

LONDON (AP) – The estimated cost of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to build a bridge or tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland, now shelved, is far higher than previously thought. It comes from a feasibility study that was published Friday. According to this, a tunnel between the two parts of the United Kingdom under the Irish Sea would cost up to 209 billion pounds (about 247 billion euros). One bridge is estimated to cost up to £335 billion (396 billion euros). However, both are technically feasible, so the study ended. Hence the estimated time for completion may take around 30 years.

So far it is said to cost around £20 billion. The British government announced in mid-September that the plans had been put on hold due to cost reasons. Boris Johnson is known for his love of extraordinarily large scale projects. In this case, he was probably also interested in promoting the unity of the state with a prestigious major project. The Scottish National Party, which has been striving for independence, is still the strongest political force in the part of the country, and the special Brexit status in Northern Ireland has created fears of isolation from the rest of the country among supporters of the Union with the Great. has been Britain. (dpa)

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