Johnson is “concerned” about the rise of the Indian version of the virus in Britain

LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday expressed concern about the rise in the UK version of Coronovirus, after being first identified in India, a closely watched study of infection in England found it – Shortly before the next big unlocking, there was a ban.

“It’s a concern that we worry about,” Johnson said. “We want to make sure that we are now taking all regulatory and prudential steps. So today there are meetings that need to be seen what we have to do. There are many things we can do, we do not exclude anything.

Johnson’s comments led to speculation that the government would pursue vaccination in addition to testing in areas with an increased incidence of the virus.

In Blackburn, a city in northwest England, the local authority is already setting up additional coronavirus vaccination clinics after increasing numbers of new infections. Currently, Jabs are offered to authorized individuals according to rollout rules, which are largely age-dependent. The rollout was extended on Thursday, and vaccines are now available to people aged 38 and 39.

Concerns about the Indian version were at the center of a recent assessment of the epidemic in England by Imperial College London. Although he said total cases had fallen to their lowest levels since August, following a tight lockdown and successful introduction of vaccines, he warned that the Indian version should be closely monitored. The so-called REACT study shows that the Indian version was found to have 7.7% of the 127,000 cases tested between April 15 and May 3.

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Professor Steven Riley of Imperial College said it was unclear whether the Indian version was more transferable but warned “it is a risk”.

Although the UK government and scientists have announced that new infections may emerge in the coming weeks, it is unknown whether this will lead to a rapid increase in hospital stay and that most of the deaths have been vaccinated.

In the last few weeks, as India has seen a devastating resurgence of the virus, concerns have risen worldwide about potential new variants that bypass vaccine protection.

Lockdown restrictions are being lifted across the UK. The next easement in England is expected on Monday, when two households can talk indoors and pubs and restaurants can serve customers indoors, among other things. The rest of the United Kingdom – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have similar plans for the coming weeks.

The government expects the remaining social interaction restrictions to be lifted in June.

“Right now I don’t see anything that can stop me from thinking that we can go anywhere on Monday and June 21, but there may be things that we need to do locally and we would hesitate to If we recommend ‘happening again,’ “Johnson said.

The government’s scientific advisory board, known as the SAGE, will recommend how the epidemic will proceed. He will have to meet later.

So far, there is little evidence that new infections have increased due to previous easing, which is around 2,300 per day in the UK, compared to around 70,000 in January at the height of the second wave.

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The decline in infections has led to a rapid decline in coronovirus-related deaths, 11 of which were reported as of Thursday. Even now, there are more than 127,600 virus-related deaths in the UK.

Successful launch of vaccines, in addition to discontinuing them, has also helped to limit infection. Around 54% of the UK population has received at least one dose of the vaccine and about a quarter have received two.


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