Johnny Depp makes shows in the UK ahead of the verdict of his trial

Music – A versatile artist. While awaiting the verdict of his lawsuit against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp made the musician a surprise appearance at the Jeff Beck concert at Sheffield City Hall in England this Sunday, May 29. As you can see in the video at the top of the article.

The Hollywood star who has starred in blockbuster films has shown that acting is not the only art that he has mastered. Equipped with an electric guitar, the actor has reinterpreted several titles in collaboration with Jeff Beck. both played exclusively Whats up by Marvin Gaye, little Wing by Jimi Hendrix, insulation John Lennon or by title hedy lamre Which was composed by both the actors together in 2020.

a show in which the actors Pirates of the Caribbean gave good performance. It must be said that music is not an unknown environment for him. Johnny Depp is one of the founding members of Hollywood Vampire, an American rock band formed in 2015 along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. The band pays tribute to the rock stars who died in the ’70s by covering their titles.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck know each other very well. apart from his music hedy lamre Recorded in 2020, he had already taken the title insulation of John Lennon in the same year.

Sheffield City Hall rejoiced on Twitter, “Okay… what a surprise we got when Johnny Depp took the stage with Jeff Beck last night.” “Congratulations to Jeff Beck on the continuation of his incredible tour and a big thank you to Johnny Depp for joining us”, the Twitter account continued.

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according to information WireJohnny Depp will make a new appearance on stage at the Jeff Beck Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London this Monday, May 30. The jury is scheduled to resume its deliberations this Tuesday, May 31, in relation to her defamation lawsuit against actress Amber Heard.

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