Johnny Depp lawsuit: Amber Heard guilty of defamation, he has to pay the actor a huge amount

This Wednesday, June 1, the verdict in the weeks-long trial against Amber Heard against Johnny Depp finally fell through. The 36-year-old actress was ordered to pay several million dollars to her ex-husband.

The verdict is (finally) there! In recent weeks, the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been at the center of the news. Indeed, since April 11, two Hollywood stars are in court in the United States to return to the multiple charges that have put this legal case on hold. As a reminder, the American actress accused her ex-husband of being Not only beaten up but also humiliated and sexually harassed during the relationship, A version contested by the iconic actor of the saga Pirates of the CaribbeanWho, decided to sue for defamation,

After several testimonies and twists and turns in the courtroom of Fairfax (located in the United States state of Virginia), the jury finally heard it on Wednesday, June 1. The jurors decided to stand behind Johnny Depp because they believed the 58-year-old actor was actually a victim of defamation. In fact, even though the jurors – on several occasions – disagreed during the deliberations, they declared that Amber Heard was wrong. During the final verdict, the judge felt that during the trial Lily-Rose’s father, “Proven all elements of defamation“. The 36-year-old actress was sentenced by the court because to pay $15 million to his ex-partner,

Only, she is not the only one who has been condemned. In fact, as a journalistAFP, Jean-François Guyot, on Twitter ,Johnny Depp defames Amber Heard.“So it was The actress was ordered to pay $ 2 million,

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Johnny Depp said after the verdict

After the announcement of the verdict, Johnny Depp immediately took to his Instagram account to share his opinion on this legal matter, ,Six years ago, my life, my children’s, the people around me, And even among those who have supported and believed in me for many years, they are forever changed”, he pointed first.

Before continuing:And six years later, the jury gave me my life back. I am really humble. My decision to pursue this matter, Knowing full well the height of legal hurdles and the inevitable global spectacle in my life, it was taken only after careful consideration, From the very beginning, the purpose of bringing this matter to the fore was to bring out the truth, whatever be the outcome. Telling the truth was something I meant for my kids and everyone who stood by me. I feel at peace knowing that I’m finally done, an emotional announcement During which the actor also indicated that “Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support and kindnessof his ardent supporters.

A solemn and long-awaited announcement in which Johnny Depp also saluted “The noble deeds of the judges, jurors, court staff and sheriffs who sacrificed their time to accomplish this“For the final verdict.

Amber Heard, “devastated” by the verdict

as reported bfm tv, Amber Heard is done”devastated” By U.S. Justice Declared Judgment, Through a press release, the latter stated its “inexplicable despair,

,I’m devastated that the mountain of evidence wasn’t enough to deal with my ex-husband’s far greater power, influence, and dominance.“He stated this first, immediately after the announcement of the verdict, then before specifying:”I am even more disappointed by what this decision means for other women. This is a blow. This challenges the idea that cruelty against women should be taken seriously,

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: How did they wait for the verdict?

on 27th May, The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has ended, go to the jury for several days at the same time before meeting and deliberation. Only, after this test was followed by a lot on the web, the 58-year-old actor gave himself a short rest break. To everyone’s surprise, the latter joined his friend Jeff Beck for a special occasion: A concert located on the other side of the Atlantic in Sheffield (United Kingdom),

An unexpected outing during which Johnny Depp took over the guitar insulation by John Lennon. In 2020, with Jeff Beck, he had already recorded a song in the studio, during the first imprisonment. Meanwhile, Amber Heard prefers to isolate herself with her family at her home in Joshua Tree, located in the desert. Final verdict of the case. A necessary step back for the latter, as per the belief of a legal expert, previously interrogated geonews36-year-old actress could be jailed in question, many “pictures of injuries“submitted during the trial and that Made from scratch.

What’s the future for the two actors?

On May 28, American media ew The future of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard after the affair was voted on – anonymously – by two crisis public relations experts. ,If you have a long game and a strategic approach, I think anyone in our business can rebuild“, before specifying, had previously indicated a first source:”But I think it would almost be beneficial for Johnny to say, if he wins, to say, ‘There are still things I did wrong, and I’m sorry.’ That’s what you have to do in our business.,

However, when it comes to Amber Heard’s future, another source was not so convinced. ,I think Amber is heavily dependent on the test result. If she wins the case, I think she is fair enough and it would be hard not to hire her“, she had indicated. A comeback that promises to be complicated already after many of their lies during the hearing. However, after the verdict was announced and still under the second expert, it seems complicated for the two former Used to be.”No one in America’s big corporate wants to do business with them, but that doesn’t mean no one wants to do business with them, It’s just that no one in America’s big corporate world wants to answer that. but others certainly will“, he announced.

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