John Sessions dies: Comedian dies at 67

Actor and comedian John Sessions has died at the age of 67.

He was best known for his many appearances on TV comedy shows I got the news for you, Whose line is it actually? And QI.

Sessions suffered a heart attack on Monday (November 2) and, according to his agent, “died at his home in south London”.

The comedian was born in Ishire, Scotland. In 1953.

After studying with Kenneth Branagh at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in the late 1970s, Sessions began his acting career, appearing in films. Please And Pinocchio’s Adventures.

He has given puppet voices in the satirical series Spit image And Colt went on to imagine comedy shows Stella Street.

The sessions also appeared on TV shows Skins And Countless.

His next film character was Martin Scorsese New York’s cadre, Dirt And Cray Twin Films, LegendStarring Tom Hardy,

Throughout his career, Sessions served as two prime ministers: Harold Wilson in Made in Dagenham And Margaret Thatcher biopic Edward Heath, Iron woman, In contrast to Meryl Streep.

He did not hide his political inclinations. In 2013, he reported Freedom He was “annoyed” by the people who called Ukip a “bunch of racists”, and expressed his support for Nigel Farage.

(Rex feature)

The sessions were also vocal about his opposition to Scottish independence, and in 2014 a letter was signed in one of the 200 public figures expressing hope that Scotland would vote as part of the UK in that year’s referendum.

He expelled her as a homosexual Evening standard In 1994, after appearing in a production My night with reggae – Kevin Elliott’s play about the gay community in London in the mid-eighties – at the Royal Court.

He remembers Guardian In 2017: “I was asked [by a journalist] Very firmly: ‘Are you gay?’ I said: ‘Yes I am, but my parents do not know and I do not want them to pick a copy and look for them. Evening standard‘The journalist said he thought I should tell them and get me out. My mother died unexpectedly six weeks later and my father developed dementia rapidly. It was never mentioned. “

Sessions’ career included several radio dramas, including Brana’s, audio book descriptions, and Shakespeare’s adaptations. Henry V.

Broadcaster Danny Baker remembered him as “always a terrific organization and a true genius.”

The official QI Twitter account also paid tribute, commenting: “His incredible intelligence and knowledge has played a huge role in the history of the show and everyone at QI is deeply saddened to learn of his side.”

Comedian Robert Webb has mourned the death of Bobby Ball in two sessions in recent weeks and tweeted: “Bobby Ball and now John Sessions! Two very different performers who both inspire and delight me at totally different times. Lovely, funny man. “

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