John Penrose: Tory MP and husband of Bailid Test and Trace boss blames ‘chaotic parents’ for free school meals. Politics news

Tory MP, husband of the coronavirus test stuck by Labor, has condemned and condemned the “chaotic parents” line by line after Marcus Rashford’s free school food campaign.

Former Secretary of State John Penrose, a millionaire publisher, made the remarks in a letter to an election party that asked him why he voted in the Commons against a labor proposal to retire during the school holidays.

In his reply Mr. Penrose suggested Manchester United and England footballers And his supporters of the Labor Party proposed “sticking plaster solutions” that “increase dependence”, the Daily Mirror reported.

Barnes Dido Harding
Barnes Dido Harding has been criticized for failing to target test and trace systems.

And the MP wrote: “Practical measures that make a real difference in the causes of poverty include things like the Pupil Premium, which gives schools extra funding for disadvantaged students; Can’t concentrate. “

Kate Green, Labour’s shadow education secretary, condemned the remarks, saying: “It is not entirely unacceptable for a Conservative MP to blame parents for the challenges posed by his own government’s long-term disability.

“Children are at risk of starvation because of a decade of stagnant wages and struggles for social security.

“Not only did the Conservatives vote to help these children, they are now blaming their parents. It won’t be too late to do the right thing and get free school feeding for Christmas.”

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Shadow Health Minister Justin Madder said of Mr Penrose: “If he wants to know what the chaos really is, he should look at conducting tests and traces.”

Mr Penrose, 56, was contacted by Sky News but did not respond.

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United during a Premier League match at Old Trafford in Manchester.
Rashford has extended all school holidays to free meals

However, he told the Daily Mirror: “I’m afraid this letter, in fact, has more to say about the petty anti-superstition of some of the local labor workers about what could be a valuable way for breakfast clubs. Not about those who use the club “

Since 2005, Penrose has been a minister in the Weston-Super-Marine Coastal Resort constituency, with ministers under David Cameron and Theresa May.

He was Minister of Tourism and then Constitutional Reform under Mr Cameron and later Minister of Northern Ireland under Mrs Mayer. He voted for the regiment and backed Jeremy Hunt for the Tory leader last year.

His wife, Tori Pierre Barnes Harding, was the great boss of Test and Trace Called to leave last weekend Sir Bernard Jenkin, a senior Tory MP and an aide to leading Boris Johnson, who chairs the MP’s Strong Liaison Committee.

Condemning the “leadership vacuum” of Tests and Traces, Sir Bernard wrote in The Sunday Telegraph: Decrease.

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Senior Tory told Test and Trace Head to go

“Perhaps some of these tired leaders on government frontlines, such as Dido Harding, could be given a break from earning quite a bit; they could use their rigorous experience to help the group reflect on the lessons learned so far.”

Sir Bernard’s call came after he criticized Johnson and Sir Patrick Valence, England’s chief scientific adviser, during a news conference on Downing Street last week.

The Prime Minister said: “I share the frustrations of the people and I fully understand why we need to see faster turnaround times and we need to improve it further.”

At the same press conference, Sir Patrick said: “It is very clear that there is room for improvement in all of this and therefore its effectiveness will be diminished.”

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