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BOris Johnson’s complete lack of shame has long been one of his defining narcissistic traits. His desire to betray family, friends and colleagues for short-term personal gain is common sense. Similarly, his lack of qualifications – his inability to comprehend the basic details – is also valued for this equation, as none of the Tory benches care much. It was just Boris Boris.

However, some changes have taken place during the summer. Johnson is no longer seen as a man of winning touch. Quite the opposite, actually. Many Conservatives are slowly waking up to the fact that he may have some responsibility. Many prime ministers have discovered that getting a top job requires different skills and mentality.

The difference with Boris is that he shows no signs of being willing to learn how to adapt to change, but rather that he seems to be getting worse as prime minister. Limitations that are gradually manifesting in laziness, short-temperedness and forgetfulness.

PM’s questions are often dismissed as performance theater. Among the Westminster bubbles is simply their interest. And there is some truth in that. However, they also provide a window for the soul of the leader by expressing qualities like compassion, intelligence, intelligence and humility.

And by all accounts, Boris is failing miserably: not only is the mood in the House of Commons, but the nation is also a socio-medical frontier. It’s as if he’s locked in a bunker, yes men surround him – there’s almost no woman in Boris’s inner circle – he just tells her the things he wants to hear.

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In contrast, Kayar Starmer is learning fast. His early skills at PMQs were never less than competent, but they had an awkwardness. It’s like how he’s going to play the role of someone who was elected leader of the Labor Party, but now we’re starting to see the real man. His questions are just as focused, but now he has the ability to think at his feet and respond to the Prime Minister’s lies and genuine disbelief, anger, and when needed – with humor. There is only one person in PMQ who thinks it is appropriate to run the country and it is not Boris.

This is not to say, however, that the Labor leader did not plunder for an aggressive attack on the Prime Minister, and perhaps Starmer chose to continue the chaos of the test. Either Boris knew about the problem and didn’t like to know anything, or he didn’t know when it should have been done. General Question: Which one was it? Just as predictable, Boris resorted to bullshit and blaster. Labor never wanted children to go back to school first. Absolutely false, since Starmer apparently supported student returnees on several occasions in May and June.

After that, Johnson had a completely uncovered meltdown. Even a few Tories in the chamber had the grace to appear embarrassed. Boris first accused Kirk of being anti-Brexit – as if being a defender meant you automatically wanted to kill thousands of people with the coronavirus and downgrade short-lived students to their A-level results. He then accused Starmer of being an IRA supporter.

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Prime Minister IRA Tolerance – Cair Sturmer Reacts to Video Complaints

It was both for Labor leader and speaker, Lindsay Howell. In the past, Whale was reluctant to challenge Johnson when he landed on the sensitive mega-rent, but this time he insisted.

Starr was understandably furious and reminded Boris that as director of public prosecution he had leveled allegations against many terrorists. He could also mention that he was not the one who recently offered a peer to Claire Fox, who defended the Worlington bombing in 1993 when he was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

“If he was a polite man, he would have apologized,” Starmer said. But Boris is not a decent man, so he did not. Instead he continued to run his run. There will be no expansion of the Fallu scheme as it will only encourage people to sit at home doing nothing. As if the possibility of unemployment was the choice of the livelihood of millions of workers.

Starmer ended by asking why Johnson is now refusing to visit their families, who are mourning the loss of Kovid-19, and promised to do so on TV a few days ago. Remind me, was this the twelfth or 13th U-turn in the last six weeks? Now was the time for Boris’s sad face. Or it fails, serious face. But he couldn’t do it anymore, so he just said it with a little slap. The reason he didn’t see the mourner was because he cared so little. Their stories may displease him. It would also be inappropriate for the bereaved to file a case against the government. They weren’t, but what’s another lie among so many people?

The meltdown extended by Starmer continued into the rest of the PMQ. Boris seemed to have a huge number of industries like aviation, tourism and hospitality that would not soon return to normal.

Or he didn’t know that Matt Hancock just extended some local lockdowns at the local moment he said more people would have to go back to work. One day, it may be to Boris that some companies do not want to risk the health of their employees by forcing them to return before the workplace is properly secured. But today was not the day.

Rather, the day was for Boris’ caretakers to try to get him out of the Commons before doing him any harm to the country or the Tory party.

It was a day when PMQs had to ask themselves what they did to deserve a leader who was becoming visibly isolated week after week. There’s never been anything very clever about Boris: there’s nothing funny now. He moved into all the coronavirus joints in all the cities of the world.

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