John A. After Macdonald, Queen Victoria’s effigy committed vandalism

John A. in the city of Montreal. Nine months after Macdonald’s statue was destroyed, it is a memorial to Queen Victoria, located in the same area, which falls into the crosshairs of far-right activists.

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Located in front of McGill University’s Shulich School of Music on Sherbrooke Street, the statue was painted red last week. This was the seventh time he had attacked in a few years.

” we regret [de] Could not open the statue tonight, as the good people did with Macdonald’s statue last August, “wrote Vandel in his press release published on the anarchist stage, which” reflects the “ruthless legacy of the British monarchy”.

The group called itself the Delhi-Dublin Anti-Colonial Solidarity Brigade, a name already claiming attacks on the same statue.

Queen Victoria ruled a British Empire for 63 years from 1837 to 1901 at the height of her power. “His reign represented a criminal legacy of genocide, mass murder, torture, genocide, terrorism, famine.” Inequality, Casteism and White Supremacy ”, displaces press release.

McGill University did not answer questions Press On the future of this statue. “When vandalism or other crimes are committed, they are reported to the police, who take the necessary measures,” said spokeswoman Cynthia Lee.

The bronze, planted in 1900, was unveiled by Lord Strathcona, a Scottish-origin businessman who made his fortune in Canada. It has been “standing in front of Kensington Palace in the United Kingdom, a reproduction of the work in white marble” since 1893, according to ArtPublicMontré

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John A. Macdonald doesn’t have to see the light again

The statue of Canada’s first prime minister was displaced in August last year, which is contemporary – not about returning to his post in Canada Square.

The city is still thinking about its future, he confirmed Press.

Photo connects Graham Hughes, Canadian press

John A. Macdonald’s marvelous statue

The statue, indicated by email Fabienne Papin, in charge of communications in the city of Montreal, has been “stored in a complex closed to the public for analysis by experts in restoration”. “Various options are being considered for Murthy’s future to ensure that the most appropriate type of growth and restoration actions are required as a result. ”

Indigenous activists and far-left activists paid several tributes in public space for Macdonald, accused of blaming the First Nation’s genocide for allowing colonization of Canada’s vast expanse.

Montreal states that it is creating a “framework of recognition” from which John A. The future of Macdonald’s statue will be decided. Development of this structure is progressing at the moment, along with civic workshops.

“The City of Montreal hopes to witness the values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness in its future works, which it holds,” wrote Papin.

However, she explains: “The city of Montreal cannot accept vandalism, even though it is well aware that some historical monuments, here and elsewhere, are at the center of emotional debate. ”

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