Joe Biden: Not Trump, but trusted scientists in the US News about the reality of the carnivirus

Joe Biden sent a message to voters Thursday night that was in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s potential coronavirus promise: “The idea that the vaccine is going to be and that everything will be fine tomorrow is not only rational, it’s not just plausible.”

Speaking at a drive-in town hall in Pennsylvania, just south of Scranton, the Democratic nominee warned that even if a coronavirus vaccine was approved soon, the country would not immediately return to normal life.

The CNN town hall in Biden arrived two days after a similar event in Philadelphia near Donald Trump, but the president sent a very different message about the epidemic, again barely advising that the coronavirus would “disappear” and a vaccine would be available in a few weeks. .

Biden’s unusual town hall venue marks the long road in front of the country. Biden addressed a crowd of about two and a half hundred voters, some of whom were sitting in chairs next to the parking lot while the former vice president was taking their questions. “Who knew the drive-ins would come back?” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joked at the start of the show.

Echoing remarks he made during Wednesday’s speech, Biden said he did not believe Trump’s remarks about the development of the coronavirus vaccine, accusing the president of politicizing the issue in the interests of his re-election.

“I do not trust the president about the vaccine. I believe Dr. Fawcett, “said Biden, referring to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.” If Fawcett says the vaccine is safe, I will take the vaccine. We should listen to scientists, not the president. “

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Biden’s remarks were made by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Trump’s confrontation with Robert Redfield this week was a significant reversal. After the CDC director testified in the Senate on Wednesday, the president questioned Redfield’s credibility, saying no coronavirus vaccine would be available until the end of the second quarter or the third quarter of next year. Trump claimed that he was “confused” when Redfield made this prediction.

During his town hall visit, Biden said Trump’s response to the epidemic was “close to the culprit” and he did not hesitate to discuss the country’s rising coronavirus death toll, which is expected to exceed 200,000 in a few days.

The first voter to question Biden, Saturn Adams, mentioned that he had recently lost his sister to a coronavirus. Biden mourned Adams and told him: “You know, we’re talking about 200,000 deaths, and it’s almost like a background noise. But that means a lot of empty chairs. “

In contrast, Trump suggested Wednesday that the number of coronavirus deaths in the country would be much lower if Americans living in Democratic-controlled states were not counted.

Virtually every answer to Biden on Thursday was made to make a clear distinction between himself and the current president. To draw as a child in Pennsylvania, Biden described the presidency as “a publicity stunt between Scranton and Park Avenue.”

When Anderson asked Beadon if he believed he had benefited from white opportunities in his life, the Democratic nominee admitted that he was too quick to concentrate on classified reflection.

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“Grow up in Scranton here. Biden said we’re looking at them. They’re saying, ‘People like Trump, who inherited everything and deprived me of what I inherited, the people I always had a problem with. They are not. ”

Although most of Biden’s answers were brief on policy, Democrats spent most of the night instead of presenting character-based arguments in favor of his prayers. Criticizing Trump for questioning the legitimacy of the election, Biden asked, “What happened to us? This is not who we are. America is not like that. No president has said such a thing before. “

Asked if he would accept the election results, Biden said: “Of course, the full results, count every vote.”

Biden’s next big opportunity to change the minds of undecided voters will come later this month when he debates Trump for the first time. Biden told Cooper that he had already begun preparing for the debate, studied Trump’s recent remarks and composed short answers to possible questions. “I’m looking forward to it,” Biden said.

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