Joe Biden in Queen Elizabeth II: Where things go wrong

His predecessor took many wrong steps and even made the queen wait for him. Now US President Joe Biden can show if he has a better grasp of court etiquette: After deliberations at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, Biden and First Lady Jill were met with British Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday. has been invited to. One thing is for sure: the meeting will be closely monitored to see what and what frauds the Bidens are committing. Court protocol provides some clear rules:

Verbugen: It begins as soon as the head of the world’s most powerful government meets the Queen. As a man, Biden has to bow down to the Queen. It is not necessary to be a deep servant, it is enough to have a low head. A slight shortsightedness is expected from Jill Biden, however.

hello queen? No matter how friendly he may be, “Nice to meet you, Elizabeth” would be rude. Visitors must first address the Queen with “Her Majesty.” After that “ma’am” is enough.

Tabu: It would also not be a good idea to shake hands with the queen or give her a warm hug as a greeting. It should not be touched. Former First Lady Michelle Obama made a mistake here in April 2009 as she placed her hand on the much younger Queen’s shoulder.

Lady first: It is clearly against protocol to proceed like former US President Donald Trump and let the Queen follow you. Trump first. That’s right: The queen goes first, the guest behind. Trump, on the other hand, walked a few steps ahead of Elizabeth II when she walked through the Honor Guard during her 2018 visit. Didn’t even bow down.

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Shut up afterwards: If mere mortals are given the opportunity to meet the Queen in person, they should at least not brag about it until later. This is probably what is behind the protocol rule of maintaining secrecy after meeting with the Queen. Or simply no personal details should be revealed. In any case: discretion please.

Somehow, Trump didn’t stick to that requirement. In 2018, the then US President shared the contents of his conversation with the monarch. So the topic of conversation was the difficult exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

During his state visit to the UK in June 2019, he was a bit over-covered. Trump and some of his children thronged online networks with impressive photos to celebrate their invitation to the Queen’s state banquet.

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