Joe Biden called Trump’s lack of concessions “embarrassing” as the transition progressed.

A A prominent economic adviser to the Japanese prime minister says Tokyo should prepare for an “age without leadership” as US global leadership gradually becomes funnier and strengthens its security alliance with Washington, as well as other strategic ties.

Despite rejecting Donald Trump’s recognition, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga wasted no time in congratulating President-elect Joe Biden on his election victory last week, saying he wanted to strengthen the alliance and ensure peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.

But concerns about America’s internal turmoil have simultaneously grown in Japan over the years, intensifying in the face of China’s growing military and economic resilience, and remained steadfast under Trump’s presidency.

For Suga Adviser Takeshi Ninami, Biden’s commitment to restoring relations with the chief executive of Drinks Giant Sentry Holdings Limited and a well-known regular in the international business circuit, international organizations and partners is welcome.

But Mr Ninami hopes US influence will continue to wane compared to China’s, and that after the election, Mr Biden will face deep domestic divisions in the US, so Japan needs to expand its reach to multiple partnerships.

“We must have a foothold in ASEAN (Southeast Asian Nations Association) countries and in India,” he said. “At the same time, we must seek more relations with the United States in the area of ​​security.”

In a separate statement issued shortly after Mr. Biden’s election victory, Ninami said, “I believe that in the long run, US global leadership will die.

“Japan must continue to deepen the US-Japan alliance but at the same time establish a relationship with the world to prepare itself for a leadershipless era.”

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