Jeune Afrique reveals Kais Syed was unaware of the decision taken by his MFA, an investigation underway – Barlamane


The Pan-African magazine questions Tunisia’s traditional “neutrality” by abstaining from voting, expanding MINERSO’s mandate in UN Security Council Resolution 2602 on the Sahara issue, last 29 october.

As a reminder, 13 out of 15 voters were in favor of UN resolution 2602, only Tunisia, a non-permanent member, and Russia did not participate.

As for this strange breakdown of traditional Tunisian neutrality on the issue, the same day “the announcement of Walid Hajjem, adviser to President Kais Sassed and unofficial spokesman of the Palace of Carthage in the TAP Agency, in which he confirmed that Tunisia welcomes the said resolution favorably.” and with satisfaction”. young africa asks: “How can we rejoice in adopting a lesson we have avoided accepting?”.

It is well known that pressures from the Algerian military regime have worked their way onto Tunisian diplomacy, which began long before voting day. And this, to automatically reject the UN resolution, the future content of which appears to be conducive to the political process and autonomy initiatives under Moroccan sovereignty.

Only the official exit of the advisor to Cass Sassed translates to an apparent back-pedaling.

young africa Very well-informed diplomatic sources reveal that “President Kais Said was not aware of the decision taken by the Foreign Ministry headed by Othman Gerandi, the decision of which he received a posteriori and about which an internal investigation would have been done”.

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