[jeu] Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean @ Arvar: Monuments – Alter1fo

[jeu] Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean @ Arvar: Monuments – Alter1fo

On Sunday, March 27th, Arvar Cinemas will with great fanfare inaugurate a new series of these great special screenings apparently called MONUMENTAL. What better way to start these selections than with David Lean’s giant Lawrence of Arabia, whose each image loudly and clearly articulates the supremacy of art over life? Our generosity will match this monument and you will have at least three chances to win your place on this journey to the most beautiful and spiritual of the desert.

Since running, cinema Arvor Communication multiplies special screening with greed. Meeting, Theme Evening, Sunday Evening Film. Heritage cinema for young and old… there is something for everyone. Now with this good sheen comes a new series, apparently called MONUMENTAL, dedicated to films distinguished by their madness and excess. The show features monster movies, grand and out of the ordinary, whose enormity and scale are just right for the power of the big screen.

And what better way to open this sequence than with one of the most iconic and fruitful films of the genre? Sunday 27 MarchYou will be able to immerse yourself or re-immerse yourself in the splendor of 3h42 (with timeout) Lawrence of Arabia Of David Lean, dealing with the biography of colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence and its participation in the Arab revolts of the early twentieththDirector of Bridge over the River Kwai, Dr. Zhivago Where ryan’s daughter Will succeed in combining a grand and captivating adventure film with thematic skill and depth of intact modernity. A crazy scene done with generosity and by a brilliant cast (led by A.) Peter O’Toole really near) and a melody of Mauritius Jarrow Unforgettable, the film is a stunning display of the power of the big screen. So don’t miss the opportunity to revisit or watch in the best of circumstances, a work whose influence has deeply marked the rebels of New Hollywood as well as most contemporary filmmakers.

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to do with a simple email playuralter1fo [at] gmail.com, Specifying your surname, first name, address and sign “I want to find myself in the desert” In Object, you will be able to try to secure your place for one of the most flamboyant pinnacles of the Seventh Art.

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