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Jet Suite Paramedics could soon become part of what could be a remarkable new service to be tested in the lake district by zipping across mountain landscapes and denying gravity as they hover over the water before the pinpoint lands properly.

If given the green light by ambulance service chiefs, the paramedic, driven by a light jet-pack, escapes across the treacherous area within minutes of being trapped.

On a dazzling test flight, inventor Richard Browning gave Langdale Pike in his motion to look as clear as Marvel’s Iron Man.

To mimic the scene of the accident, Browning was seen shooting grass tubes at a height of 3 to 6 meters (10 to 20 feet) in search of a group of walkers. Within minutes, the woman and the young woman appeared in a search that could normally have taken rescuers on foot for more than an hour.

The “groundbreaking exercise” was the culmination of a year-long discussion between the ambulance charity, the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), and Gravity Industries.

After listening to the work of Andy Mawson Browning, GNAAS ‘director of operations and paramedics, and studying the charity’s own call-out data, Jets Suite identified the lakes as a potential location for paramedics.

He said: “It showed dozens of patients each month in the complex but relatively small geographical range of lakes.

“We can see the need. What we didn’t know for sure was how it would actually work. Okay, we’ve seen it now and it’s pretty honest, great. “

Mawson said the exercise showed the potential for critical care services to the jet suite by keeping the emergency stuck, with an emergency medicine capable of measuring the 3,117ft-foot peak of Halvolin, the third highest mountain in England, in just eight minutes.

The GNAAS is expected to be used in real rescue situations in the moments before the next summer before making some minor changes to Browning’s case.

Mawson said: “From personal experience I know that it is so difficult to carry medical kits to the side of the mountain in the lakes … We are not talking about long distances, but steep gradients.

“But with fast-acting cars and these jet suits, we’re going to see a sea change in the way we deliver remote medicine.”

In its current form the jet pack can fly for five minutes at a time but can reduce rescue time from 25 minutes to fifty minutes to 90 seconds.

Mawson added: “If someone had a cardiac arrest on top of the helminths, and we could use the jet suit, I’m sure we’ll have a defrilitophore on the patient in eight minutes.” As things stand now our plane comes to the first scene and it can take 20 to 25 minutes.

“As no air ambulance in the world we can expect to get someone in a jet suit in a matter of minutes and get rid of their pain or save someone’s life in the worst case scenario.

“We think this technology can enable our team to reach some patients much faster than before. In many cases it can alleviate the patient’s suffering. In some cases, it could save their lives. “

Browning founded Grave Industries in March 2017 as the pioneer of the “new era of human aircraft.”

The 41-year-old said the 1,000-bhp suite, which spreads out to ৩ 40,340,000 and has a top speed of more than 60 mph, is technically capable of reaching 12,000 feet, although it has flown less for safety purposes.

It allows two micro-jet engines similar to the aircraft in each arm and a movement control at the rear.

“They blow so much wind down that you can get up from the ground.”

He added: “All interventions come down to your own balance and coordination. If you point the jets up and down, you will go up, and if they float out, you will go down again.

“It’s very safe. You only go to a height where you fall. If you are able to recover, it’s not a terrible injury.”

Over the past three years, Browning said they have launched more than 100 flights across 30 countries, including the launch of new commercial training aircraft as well as emergency response in a region that the company is actively pursuing.

He added, “We are scratching the dimension in terms of what can be achieved with our technology.”

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