Jaywalking Arrest Black Teens Under Examination Under Oklahoma

Blame arrest of two teenagers in Oklahoma launches investigation after videos are released aggressively show the police He arrested one of the young people without hitting the ground, saying “I can’t breathe.”

Police released bodycam footage from the Tulsa neighborhood on Tuesday (June 4th), police jumped to face jaywalking suspects in a rapidly rising situation from patrol cars.

While the first teenager was caught, his friend said, “Why are you strangling him?” It can be heard saying.

“The only thing he did was walking with a sled,” one replied to the young man. “We just want to talk to him. Then he had to pretend to be such a fool. “

About 20 minutes of videos show an officer who is above the teenager She was lying on her stomach even after she was handcuffed.

The young begs to stop touching him with the officer, but the officer’s hands are placed in the teens and repeatedly pull his pants and grab his legs and groin.

The officers repeated that they violated the law because they were walking illegally to young people. Trunk camera videos show that the area is erratic or there are no visible sidewalks.

The young man, who was handcuffed first, was forced into the police car while swearing at the officers. He described the officers as “bad” and racist and said they were arresting him for being black. “Call my mom! Call my mom! “

“Because I’m black … I’m a criminal,” a young officer cried, both of them physically struggling as they put the child in the car. “Black matters!”

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Body camera footage shows other teens left.

According to US Census data, Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city, with about 66 percent of the population white and 16 percent black.

It was not immediately known whether young people were given an attribution or were officially charged. Messages and emails sent to the Tulsa Police Department were not returned on Wednesday.

Greg Robinson, a community activist and organizer, told KJRH-TV that the police department will likely conclude that the officers are following the protocol.

“And probably they were,” said Robinson. “But that’s the problem. Why do we need more practices when we don’t feel that the police are protecting us? We feel like hunting. “

Tulsa Mayor G.T. In a Facebook post, Bynum wrote that he saw footage of the arrest of young people and worked with the police department on the investigation.

“I want every child in Tulsa to feel safe walking down the street in their neighborhood,” he wrote. “No Tulsa child should be afraid of struggling and handcuffing as she walks on the street.”

Tulsa police said the department posted body camera videos transparently, but will not comment on the arrest because the Interior Unit is investigating.

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