Jaylen Brown shares insights on contract negotiations for supermax deal with Celtics

Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown has signed a five-year supermax extension with the team, securing his future with them through the 2028-29 season. The negotiations went smoothly, with both sides understanding each other’s perspective. The lucrative deal could potentially earn Brown up to $304 million.

Celtics co-governor Wyc Grousbeck highlighted the importance of both on-court and off-court factors in the team’s decision to retain Brown. He acknowledged Brown’s significant contribution to the team’s success and improvement in recent years and emphasized the Celtics’ aim to lead the league in off-court initiatives. Brown will play a key role in these endeavors.

The new contract will kick in starting from the 2024-25 season and includes substantial annual raises for Brown. This extension reflects the team’s confidence in his abilities and their commitment to building a strong and successful future together.

Brown, a talented and versatile player, has been a key driving force for the Celtics since he joined the team in 2016. Known for his athleticism and scoring ability, he has steadily developed into an integral part of their roster. In the 2020-21 season, Brown averaged 24.7 points per game, further establishing his status as a go-to player for the Celtics.

The extension not only secures Brown’s future but also solidifies the team’s core foundation for years to come. With Brown’s leadership on and off the court, the Celtics will continue to strive for excellence and pursue their goal of being at the forefront of off-court initiatives in the league.

Fans and basketball enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing Brown’s continued growth and impact on the Celtics in the upcoming seasons. As the team’s longest-tenured player, he will undoubtedly be a vital piece in their pursuit of success.

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