Japan will not send government officials to Beijing Olympics

Japan later took this decision a thorough examination Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said on the issue, considering the Olympic and Paralympic Games a celebration of peace.

In contrast, Japan No plan to send government officials At the Winter Olympics in China, he said.

Tokyo’s situation comes after the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Games this month to condemn human rights abuses.

A Japanese government spokesman on Friday refrained from calling for a boycott when he announced there would be no government officials.

The spokesman said that The Japanese government did not intend to use a specific expression in relation to the presence of Japan. At the Winter Olympics in China. And he noted that the US government’s announcement does not include the phrase diplomatic boycott,

Japan believes it is important that common values ​​shared by the international community, such as freedom, human rights and the rule of law, are also respected in China., They said.

Tokyo Olympics organizing committee chairman Seiko Hashimoto will however go there, with Japanese Olympic Committee president Yasuhiro Yamashita specifying a Japanese government spokesman.

Ms. Hashimoto will go to Beijing To express gratitude and respect to the athletes and others who supported the Tokyo Games Held last summer, the spokesman said.

Seiko Hashimoto

Photo : Getty Images / Tomohiro Ohsumi

A few hours later, in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian welcomed China’s arrival. Japanese Olympic Committee and other relevant officials, as well as Japanese athletes,

China Urges the Japanese side to support each other in hosting the Olympics and honor their promises not to politicize the sport,

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China has warned four western countries, which will send players to games, but not officials, that they will pay the cost of their bad move, without specifying which retaliations were being considered.

Japan, the host of the Tokyo 2020 Games, postponed by a year because of the coronavirus, is in a delicate diplomatic position between two major trading partners, the United States and China, and has so far failed to do so. Know its location.

South Korea, another ally of the United States, announced early last week that it would not diplomatically boycott the Games, citing the need to continue cooperation with China.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has called for neutrality Refusing to comment on the matter purely political decision And one in particular is rejoicing in the absence of a sports boycott.

Recall that the diplomatic boycott movement was born on 5 November following the revelations of tennis player Peng Shuai and her disappearance from the public domain, which alarmed her fellow players and the WTA, the professional women’s tennis circuit.

Former Chinese figure skater Jessica Shuran Yu, who competed at the 2017 World Championships and is now studying journalism in the United States, agreed to offer her perspective based on her story.

I know from experience that Chinese leaders carefully scrutinize what is said about them in the media. Guardian, last 2 December. When I talked about being abused by a Chinese instructor [non identifié]My parents got several calls from people angry with the sports department. Obviously my position is not the same as Peng Shuai, I was not even representing China in international competition, but Singapore, but if my family was threatened, I can easily imagine that Peng Shuai did much worse. saw.

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If Peng Shuai can be silenced, it means that no Chinese athlete is safe. There are thousands of weak athletes who do not have the visibility of peng shui. They may love to share their stories of abuse, but do not feel safe doing so in public.

According to human rights organizations, at least one million Uighurs and other Turkish-speaking minorities, mainly Muslims, are being held in camps in Xinjiang. China is accused of forcibly sterilizing women there and forced labor.

Americans condemn Massacre on this subject. Beijing claims the camps are actually Vocational Training Center To fight bigotry.

China regularly accuses the United States of stifling its economic development and using the human rights issue to challenge its growing position in international affairs.

Beijing also lambasted the G7 and the European Union, which announced their deep concern Later erosion Democracy as seen in Hong Kong last weekend during local legislative elections.

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