Jana Ina Zarerella: She Stops With “Love Island”

Jan Ina Jarrella
She stops at “Love Island”

Jan Inra Zarella will no longer be a “Love Island” medium.

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Jana Ina Zarerella is an integral part of the dating show “Love Island” as the presenter. It has now been announced that she will be leaving the show.

Shocking news for fans of “Love Island” (via RTLzwei or TVNow daily at 10:15 pm): Presenter Jan Ina Jarrella (44) quit her job after the current season of the dome show. The broadcaster made the announcement on the dating show’s official Instagram page on Sunday (March 28).

The final of the show will be the final version for native Brazil next Monday (March 29). “After season five, she says goodbye to us so she can spend more time with the family.” However, the presenter and wife of singer Giovanni Zarella (43, “La Vita a Bella”) remain loyal to the station. Further projects are already planned with the 44-year-old.

On her Instagram account, Zarela said that it had not been easy for her to be separated from her family for many years. She thanked him for the “incredible time” and wrote: “Love Island gave me great moments I’ll never forget. I love my job and look forward to new projects soon. But first, I Mamma hoon Time in Tenerife showed him that he had made the right decision, even though it was very difficult for him.

The dating reality show “Love Island” originally came from Great Britain and has been running on RTLzwei since 2017. Since then, the format has been moderated by Jana Ina Zarela.


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