James Bennet, opinion editor of New York Times resigns after backlasck

Sulzberger also said that Jim Dao, an editorial page editor assistant who is responsible for overseeing the editing of the article, will leave the masthead and be reassigned to the newsroom. Katie Kingsbury, another editorial editor for the editor, will oversee the editorial page during the 2020 election.

The tectonic restructuring caused a week of turmoil on the country’s registration paper, and the staff engaged in a discussion about the release of Cotton’s op-ed and the process of managing The Times’ leadership in this process.

“Although it was a painful week across the company, it started urgent and important talks,” Sulzberger said.

Cotton’s article, “Send In Troops”, published on Wednesday, suggested that the Rebellion Act should be deployed across the country to help local law enforcement agencies with the unrest caused by George Floyd’s death.

Op-ed was published in The Times’ opinion section, but employees from both the opinion and the separate newsroom worked opposed to the public.

Bennet initially advocated running op-ed, but later said that his episode was wrong to publish it and accused a collapse of the editorial process for the blunder.

People familiar with Sulzberger’s internal talks at Thenet announced to CNN Business that Bennet will leave the confused staff.

A Times official said the episode started meaningful conversations about systematic racial prejudices and diversity within the newsroom. The person said that such conversations went deeper than just providing a different staff and were about larger issues related to race and The Times’ role in society.

Speaking to CNZ Business, Sulzberger and Bennet said on Friday that his op-ed process is currently inadequate and has structural problems in a city hall with his employees.

“Last week, we saw a significant drop in our editing processes, not the first change we’ve had in recent years.” Sulzberger wrote SundayIt refers to other major collapses that have occurred in the vision section led by Bennet. “James and I agreed that it would take a new team to lead the department over a period of significant change.”

Bennet’s tenure was marked by a series of high profile blunders.

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The Times’ opinion section was stunned in September after publishing a story about the alleged sexual abuse against Court of Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

The idea was warm last summer for the actions of columnist Bret Stephens.

And last April, he apologized after publishing an anti-Jewish caricature in the international edition of the idea section.

The latest disaster sparked criticism from the Republicans who claimed the newspaper was biased against them.

Cotton criticized that The Times did not meet op-ed’s standards, saying that Bennet was initially defending op-ed. Cotton told Fox News that the newspaper was part of the “woken up children” group.

“My operation does not meet the New York Times standards,” Cotton said. Said. “He normally exceeds the standards of left-wing, shohomoric drivel,” he continued.

President Trump responded to the news by attacking the newspaper in a tweet on Sunday.

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