Jalen Milroes surprising revelation about Bill OBrien – Insider Wales Sport

Jalen Milroes surprising revelation about Bill OBrien – Insider Wales Sport

Title: Jalen Milroe Puts Doubts to Rest as Starting Quarterback for Alabama Crimson Tide

Jalen Milroe has been making waves as the starting quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Leading his team to an impressive 12-1 record and securing a spot in the college football playoff, Milroe has shown his true potential as a dual-threat player.

Throughout the season, Milroe has displayed his skills both through the air and on the ground. With a completion rate of over 65%, he has thrown for 2,718 yards and 23 touchdowns. Not only that, but he has also rushed for an impressive 468 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. His ability to excel in both aspects of the game has made him a formidable opponent on the field.

However, Milroe recently let slip that his former offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien, had once questioned his position as a quarterback. Despite O’Brien’s doubts, Milroe remains determined to prove himself as a top-tier quarterback. This revelation has only fueled his motivation to succeed even further.

Both Milroe and O’Brien joined the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2021. Milroe came in with a highly productive high school career under his belt, while O’Brien arrived after being fired from his head coaching position at the Houston Texans. It seems odd that a coach who was let go due to quarterback-related issues would question Milroe’s position.

Milroe may have had limited playing time as a backup behind standout Bryce Young, but he made the most of every opportunity that came his way. In those moments, he threw for an impressive 338 yards and six touchdowns, while rushing for 320 yards and contributing one touchdown. These performances have undoubtedly showcased his potential as a starting quarterback.

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One cannot help but raise questions about O’Brien’s belief in developing quarterbacks when looking at his decision to train undrafted free agent Malik Cunningham as a wide receiver in New England. It raises doubts about his assessment of quarterback talent and his ability to nurture their growth.

As we enter the final stretch of the season, it remains to be seen whether Milroe or Cunningham will ultimately prove themselves as suitable NFL quarterbacks. However, it is clear that Milroe is determined to silence any doubts surrounding his abilities. With his exceptional performances and unwavering focus, he could soon cement his place as one of the leading quarterbacks at Alabama and beyond.

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