Jadeward ‘holds mother’s hand’ over ‘disconnection’ in cancer battle

Jadeward 'holds mother's hand' over 'disconnection' in cancer battle

Jedward lost his battle with cancer and opened his mouth about the final moments of their mother’s life.

John and Edward Grimes, 28-year-old twins, revealed that they held their mother’s hand in the moment they died.

The heartbroken couple said that from that moment on, they felt ‘disconnected’ from the world, because he was the one who kept them “anchored”.

They said that in his last days, he would listen to Fleetwood Mack before finally committing suicide in his five-year battle with leukemia.

On The Late Show, John and Edward open their mouths to Ryan Tubride, telling him what their mother will miss in their lives, in an interview that showed their devastating event at the time of her death.

Jadeward holds their mother’s hand as she loses the battle with cancer

Edward said: “We were there when he left and we’re grateful we were there – we were able to hold his hand.

“Some of our earphones were listening to some music. We heard some Fleetwood Mac and some of his favorite songs that he liked to play.”

John added: “It is very frustrating to think that he will not be in our marriage, he will not be there when our children are born, but we always keep his soul alive as there are pictures around him and telling stories.

“You just feel disconnected from the world because the person who anchored you in the world and gave birth to you is gone and now you don’t know where you should be, what you should do.”

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Jedward has opened up about their mother’s death

Jedward also made a sensitive presentation of RBD Hearts by REM, which they dedicated to their mother and left the audience in the house in tears.

Their mother, Susanna, died in February 2016, five years after being diagnosed with leukemia and kidney failure.

A few months after her death, Edward published it about Loose Women.

Jedward with their mother

Speaking in April 2019, he said: “[The cancer] Has been going on for the past five years, and I think now that Mom is gone, it feels so weird, because we knew it. We want to call him and there is no one to call.

“His opinion meant everything to us. He was always there to support us. We didn’t really talk about it being a closed door.”

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