Jacqueline Xosa acclaimed by fans for celebrating her ‘Drunk Thighs and Big Left’

Jacqueline Xosa acclaimed by fans for celebrating her 'Drunk Thighs and Big Left'

Jacqueline Xosa has been acclaimed by fans for her new dress collection that helps her celebrate “nipple thighs and big tits”.

The 22-year-old former EastEnders star has been receiving rave reviews for showing off her ‘real body’ in Instagram posts and for sharing how her photos look so gorgeous, and is also appealing to her fans.

Water’s Current I’m a Celebrity Queen recently reviewed The Style Range on her Instagram page and fans are loving that it’s a “jeans and not crop top collection”.

Jack took several photos from a new photoshoot as well as wrote: “I’m asking you about my next @ syntile style and you know what you wanted !!”

Jacqueline Xosa celebrates her ‘shiny thighs and big left’ in her new clothing collection

He continued: “We had a lot of requests for tops that covered the belly and flattering shape and covered jeans that could be styled day after day … so we did it.

“I’ve always wanted to look for beautiful tops but there are so many crop styles or unflattering fits that this whole collection isn’t cropped and the fits are so flattering.”

Jacqueline took to her Instagram story to share how she felt about the new collection and how comfortable she felt finding clothes.

He said: “These are just dreamy and I know a lot of people struggle to find the right ones for jeans – I’m one of them because I got a nipple thigh and a big left!”

Fans loved Jacqueline Jose’s new clothing collection

The actress, who is married to former TUIE star Dan Osburn, wrote on Instagram: “I’m literally obsessed with a single piece boy, maybe my Fav collection looks so pretty passionate and expensive I can’t wait to see you all this, it’s just hidden Peek!

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“Needless to say I came up with the collection in 4-24 format like all my range and it’s moving to that Syntyle style app on Monday! X” 6

The comments praised Jacqueline by instant fans, who celebrated that she had revealed a range for which she was called.

Jacqueline Xosa has been showing off her ‘real body’ in recent months

One follower wrote: “Finally someone a little smarter! I’m sick of trimming everything!”

Another added: “Finally I ended up buying baggy men’s jumpers to hide myself, sick of paying so much for the affordable clothing line clothing clothing for us big women.”

The third man replied: “Love his jeans! And above all it is true.”

Jacqueline has been on the railing against clothing size in recent weeks and has denounced speculation that she is a “plus-size model”.

He came back at this point and said: “I’m about size 12”.

There was no crop top that fans loved

Jacqueline said on Instagram: “I never call myself a plus size model or know someone I don’t know. I’m not a plus size model, of course I’m not. I’m not a model!”

He added: “I hate the word plus size, I really do, I think it’s really s ***.

“I’m 12th and I don’t claim to be different. I’m not ashamed of how I want to look. I like 12 bodies of my size and I like my size 14. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here

“Do I want to be slimmer? Probably. Can’t I eat pancakes for breakfast? No. Swing and go round and round.”

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