Jগrgen Klopp buys Roy and angers the protagonist of Man UTD, with the full transcript calling him “sensitive”.

Jurgen Klopp began his Liverpool side’s tough defense after Roy Kane identified them as “sloppy” after Monday night’s win against Arsenal.

The Manchester United legend actually praised Liverpool, but added that from the Reds’ point of view, the match was a bit opaque – especially in Arsenal’s opening goal.

Klopp heard the word “hidden” out of context and hit Ken and told him that if he thought the Reds weren’t defensively bad, he was definitely watching another game.

Here is a full transcript of Liverpool director Klopp’s rent, then Sky Sports ‘Ken’s answer to Monday night football’.

Jurgen Klopp started a defense for his Liverpool team

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Clop: “Did I hear right, Mr. Ken, that we had an opioid performance tonight? I can already hear you, what did he say?”

“Was it an intensive performance tonight? I’m not sure if I heard it right. He was talking about another game because it can’t be this game. Sorry.

“It’s an incredible description of this game, it was completely exceptional N nothing.

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“From the first second impressive against a team of form, a hundred percent of the form. You have to be careful like hell and not hit on the counter attack.

“I think all the balls in the back were 0/70 per cent offside, you just have to wait a little longer for the flag, so it doesn’t look great but it was offside.

“Ali had to save one, there were two balls in the back, you can’t avoid it, you need a goal in this situation.

“Other than that, the football we played tonight was absolutely exceptional so it doesn’t help any other game. Thursday is not for Thursday, not for Sunday, nothing for nothing.”

Roy Kane made the mistake of labeling Liverpool “sl”

Buy: “I think you must have misunderstood me. I said there have been several moments but I think you’ve become outstanding. I’m not giving the club anything more than praise. So I’m not sure you heard me right there.”

Clop: “I can’t, because I looked at the speaker and heard the faint sound. It couldn’t be it.”

Buy: “You need to listen to the rest of it.

Clop: “I’ll see it one hundred percent.”

The discussion between the pair ended there, but why did he call the Liverpool boss “sensitive” to take his remarks to heart?

The match itself, Klopp added: “We had a lot of big moments and I don’t dream that we finished every situation, we went down 1-0 but we won it and it totally deserves it. Can we score more goals? Yes. Can they score goals? ? Yes.We constantly play a high line.

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“How can you defend Pierre-American Aubamiang without a high line? We punished them from time to time, not punished them but killed some of their match plans. They stuck to it but we did it again and again.

“We want to win the ball as much as possible, that’s why I’m not frustrated or disappointed. This is absolutely wow.

Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-1 at Anfield

“We can’t build like every game, the team that builds there needs more players in the field you build. We try to win the first ball and get ready for the second ball. We have to be brave enough to make them have problems. I really like the game. I’ve done half

“The pre-season was tough for everyone but it’s a weird season. The teams didn’t do exactly what they wanted to do last year. Everton have three new players and they’re flying.

“We play Arsenal again on Thursday and you will see players today that you have not seen today. Then there are those who are flying to Aston Villa on Sunday. Leeds, Chelsea and Arsenal have a solid start but nine points.”

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