Ivory Coast receives US donation of 374,460 doses of anti-Covid vaccine

The Ivorian government received a donation from the United States on Saturday at Felix Houffouet-Boigne Airport, containing 374,460 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, administered in a single dose, to vaccinate the population against COVID-19. To be.

“On behalf of the Minister of Health, we would like to thank the US Government for supporting us in the context of both covid-19 and other pathologies to protect our population”, announced the technical adviser to the minister on the occasion. Health, public sanitation and universal health coverage, reports Paul Richard Gabery, Ivorian Press Agency.

Mr Gabery also congratulated the population who understood the need for vaccination to protect themselves and others.

He announced that four million people had received at least one dose of vaccines, the same source said, noting that the result puts Cte d’Ivoire on the right foot to have seven million citizens vaccinated by the end of 2021. Can go

Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, representing African Unity and the Diaspora, Diaby Wekaba also thanked the United States and all the donors who have surrounded Cte d’Ivoire for their solidarity since the outbreak of this pandemic. .

Mr Diaby said this critical 374,460 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine would bolster vaccine stocks in Cte d’Ivoire and allow the country to record nearly nine million doses received.

The Ivorian government, through the Ministry of Health, Public Sanitation and Universal Health Coverage, purchased more than 300,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Thursday.

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