IVG: Government depends on “knowledge” of deputies

Health Minister Olivier Véran announced on Monday that the government would let the National Assembly deliberate on a bill specifically allowing it to extend the legal period of abortion from 12 to 14 weeks, without giving its opinion.

“The government’s position is very clear,” said Mr. Veran. This included “leaving room for debate on your bench”, he continued, specifying that the government would give an “intelligent opinion” on all provisions of the text recorded by the LREM group in the second reading, but the two opposition co-rapporteurs. , Albén Guillot (ex-LREM, unregistered) and Marie-Nol Batistel (PS).

The text was adopted in the Assembly in October 2020 before being rejected in the Senate.

Mr. Veran recalled his personal support for the extension of the legal term of voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion).

“You know my personal opinion, an opinion that is clear, which claims to be able to abort later than the present”, declared the minister, who in turn applauded the bicycle part.

However, he measured more on another controversial provision of the bill: the change of the double discretion clause that doctors can use to refuse to perform an abortion.

Albén Guillot and Marie-Nol Battistel dealt with the government’s “enlightenment” opinion, which “leaves room for doubt”.

“We need your full support to keep the shuttle going,” Ms Gillott said.

“We are counting on your willingness, Mr. Minister”, said Ms. Battistel.

If the text has every chance of being adopted at the end of this second reading, as is evident from the ranks provided by the LREM on Monday evening, then for its supporters the question of its parliamentary future arises.

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The bill must still make a shuttle with the Senate before an imaginary third and final passage in the Assembly by the end of the parliamentary session in late February.

Problem: No group wants to register it at Luxembourg Palace and two co-reporters ask if the government is able to do so.

Without commenting on the government’s choice, the chairman of the LREM group, Christophe Castaner, told AFP “there is hope that a solution can be successful”.

“I don’t think this lesson can’t move forward,” he said.

At the opening of the discussion, a motion of defense by ex-walker Joachim Son-Forget was sometimes dismissed by a majority of his former colleagues on the bench, before being swiftly dismissed.

With representatives from the UDI, LR and far-right examining amendments to remove the legal extension of abortion, the debate immediately came to the center of the matter.

The tense exchanges with their leftist counterparts and the marchers sometimes turned sour.

“Let’s be careful with the words we say,” warned Caroline Fiat (LFI) in the face of these deputies’ “pro-life” arguments.

Each camp mobilized before the debate began. The Alliance Vita Association gathered a few dozen opponents of the text, at the beginning of the evening, near the Palais Bourbon.

Earlier, her supporters had gathered at the press conference, including the National Council on Midwifery and Family Planning.

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