Ivanka Trump ‘angry’ at Brad Parscale for Rally crowd size estimates, Jared Kushner, says source

“Jared and Ivanka got angry with Brad for promising the size of the crowd,” the source said. Said.

Later on Sunday, the Kushner spokesman said it was “wrong” that they were upset with Parscale. And Parscale refused to comment on this story.

These crowds did not appear on Saturday, and they launched the President’s campaign to suddenly leave their conversation plans with an “overflow” area outside the arena. Tulsa Fire Brigade said that less than 6,200 people attended. Six campaigners in Tulsa tested positive for the coronavirus – a revelation that caused Trump to explode when reports exceed the scope of the rally itself.
Sick staff and empty seats: How Trump's return to the campaign trail went from bad to bad

A separate campaign source said that Trump “has the right to urinate” on participation in Tulsa.

“They gave a gift to competitors and the media. It was overly trustworthy,” said source Parscale and other campaigners close to the event’s planning.

Campaign officials should rethink the idea of ​​rallying in arenas and start thinking of more open air spaces such as airplane hangars, the source continued.

The President’s donors and friends said they had smoked on Sunday after Trump’s weakly-attended rally.

The person said that the accusation from this camp focused on Parscale, some of which were already skeptical. However, some donors and allies feel the rally collapse that the campaign has decided to inflate expectations rather than manage to a reasonable level to inflate expectations for the rally.

“What happened last night represents a much bigger problem.”

As CNN reported, some Republicans working with the campaign were worried that the election team did not adapt quickly enough to the changing political landscape before November – a global pandemic and national movement for racial justice, a campaign assistant planned to run the race first.

During the hours following the rally, Parscale went to Twitter to blame weak participation in countless factors, such as media, protests, and blocked security doors. He also rejected the suggestion that a coordinated effort that encouraged people to sign up online and not to appear on the rally days may play a role in participation.

Another campaign advisor summed up the evening saying “it went bad”.

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Parcale was already under pressure within the Trump campaign, the President said for the past few weeks, President has occasionally expressed disappointment in his performance.

Parscale stated that Trump is facing a “drop in confidence” from his inner circle.

“Kellyanne (Conway), (Paul) Manafort and Corey (Lewandowski) have never had rally size issues,” said adviser Trump’s former campaign managers.

This story has been updated with additional improvements.

CNN’s Jamie Ehrlich contributed to this report.

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