It’s official, Blizzard is preparing the first Warcraft mobile game

When publishing its financial reports a few weeks ago, Activision Blizzard whispered to us that a mobile game warcraft Will soon point to the tip of his nose. Doubt allowed because it’s time to formalize on Blizzard’s side. In a press release, the studio confirms that the first real mobile game warcraft Come.

new in blizzard

Fans have reason to rejoice. It’s been almost three decades since they were able to discover the universe warcraft, And very soon, they will actually be able to enjoy it on their smartphone. So far, the studio has been pretty sparse with details about it. all we know is that it will be first real mobile game which will happen in the universe warcraft,

We will have to wait a little longer for more details. Actually, Blizzard promises to tell us about it in May. Until then, the mystery remains complete… however, we already know that this will not be a simple port of an already existing game, but a whole new content. Which is already great news.

In the good news list, the studio took the opportunity to announce the first expansion of the year gas fire, The latter will be unveiled next week, March 15. for the next expansion of world of WarcraftThe meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2022.

If all this is still too esoteric, these novelties announce good things about the future of the universe warcraft, Concluding his press release, John Height, CEO warcraftThe future is assured. “The future of Warcraft is bright. […] We look forward to the journey ahead and are grateful that you are participating with us.” He believes. A Year Under the Auspices of Blizzard and the Best for Fans warcraft,

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