It’s Now Possible to Join FaceTime Calls on Xbox! , Xbox one

FaceTime is the well-known video calling application included with Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod that allows you to chat while watching each other. There is nothing extraordinary in this, except that this application was reserved for owners of an Apple device. With the deployment of iOS 15, FaceTime has opened up to the world and now allows you to communicate with anyone and anywhere… even on Xbox!

Do we have Facetime?

The feature, first spotted on Reddit and then widely circulated on Twitter, shows FaceTime conversations on a TV whose transmitting device is none other than the Xbox Series S! An image that has surprisingly never been as known for its openness as Apple… and yet! One of its flagship applications is now accessible through the brand new Microsoft Edge browser for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Shame when you know Apple TV is disabled for this!

How to Join a FaceTime Call

The Apple FAQ first specifies that only Apple devices are capable of creating FaceTime links. Recipients can then join the conversation via the link transmitted.

  • On iOS devices: Select “Create Link” in the FaceTime app
  • Send link to an email account (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.)
  • Sign in to this email account on the Microsoft Edge browser for Xbox
  • Click on the link to join your FaceTime call

From Microsoft, some webcams are recommended for starting a video chat on your Xbox Series X|S. With regards to the previous generation, the Kinect is not mentioned in this official listing, while Skype was at the center of the Xbox One promotional campaign. Be aware, however, that Microsoft’s Smart Camera is fully compatible if you have an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X (with adapters for the latter two). An original way to give it a second life while communicating with your loved ones.

Kinect since 2013. Video calling became possible thanks to

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