Its dust-proof design is inspired by the Samsung vacuum cleaner!

Samsung shares a surprising story about the hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 2: It actually looks like the firm’s engineers were inspired by the design of the Samsung vacuum cleaner to strengthen its resistance to dust.

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Samsung recently shared a very amazing story that says a lot about the challenges faced in designing the first model of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Fold 2 was supposed to fix most of the durability flaws previously seen on the Galaxy Fold.

The subsequent release was accompanied by the discovery of serious problems, sometimes 24 hours after receipt of the product. The durability of the hinge was also thoroughly tested with dust, and the result was generally that dust and sand penetrated the system very easily.

Galaxy Fold 2 contains some DNA from Samsung Vacuum Cleaner

Seizing the many elements that make it up very quickly. Thanks to disassembly, we know that Samsung has installed a variety of synthetic fiber barriers to fight dust. Samsung explains how this idea emerged.

“We had to find a beautiful solution. After testing dozens of versions with the design team, we succeeded in creating an optimal place to place the hinges, resulting in the final design “Explains, Seung Hyun Hwan, one of the R&D managers at Samsung.

To add more: “But we also had to develop a technology that could close the inevitable space between the hinge’s exterior and the system. Our solution is a brush technique that remains elastic to close this space even during movement.

This idea has a wonderful origin: An engineer had the idea of ​​being inspired by the brushes of a Samsung vacuum cleaner : “Vacuum cleaners have an elastic body made of brushed fiber. The element looked like it could be made thin enough for our device. We have made fibers of less than 1 mm and made them components compatible with durability and required elasticity.

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It is not enough to make a Samsung vacuum cleaner look the same way again. You can watch Seung Hyun Hwan’s complete intervention in the two videos below:

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