“It’s an unknown fatigue, just thinking about cooking, it’s inaccessible”

Extreme fatigue, difficulty walking or breathing: More and more people say they are suffering from post-Kovid symptoms. To identify Long sequence Rog, two members of the majority, have also drafted a resolution that will be voted on in the National Assembly in mid-February.

for now, There is no exact explanation or answer from the scientific community To bring people suffering from “long Kovid”. There is no official name for this pathology yet. The symptoms of the patients, however, are very real. Laetitia Hevelin, journalist of France Bletchie Gironde, has been suffering from this for several months. Testimony.

Extreme fatigue

At the age of 35, Letitia Hevelin finds herself in another body: exhausted, unpredictable and sometimes heavy. The young mother contracted Kovid-19 at the onset of the epidemic in France in April. He did not develop a severe form of the disease And yet, a few months after recovery, New signs have appeared : “It starts with a very intense fatigue, an unknown fatigue. Just thinking about cooking is scandalous.” Fatigue which also affects his muscles: “For example, bedrooms are up in the house. When my muscles can’t respond, I have to have someone behind me to lift my leg because I can’t go up the stairs. It’s impossible to lift a leg.”

When my muscles cannot respond, I must have someone behind me to lift my leg.

Initially, the young mother does not form a relationship with Kovid. Doctors said that to ensure that these symptoms are psychological: “Since the test they show no discrepancy to the doctors, no discrepancy. And so … in the head.”

It’s finally niceAn expert agrees to take charge of it and finds the exact discrepancy. After a muscle biopsy on the arm. She follows today An experimental treatment that relieves it but does not cure it yet. “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. There are many times in this journey where I was healed in my head. I could walk, dance with the kids … and really, what’s hard. After. “, she explains.

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Share your experience

The girl then decides Share your experience on social networks. He receives many messages, testimonials from people who follow similar post-Kovid traits. However, he did not develop a severe form of the disease. Most of them are quite young women, far from the profile of those considered “fragile” in the face of the virus.

I told myself, in fact, I was not crazy.

While traveling to Nice for her treatment, Latvia meets three women who suffer from the same pathology: “It changed the whole way of my experience that was happening. I told myself, really, I wasn’t crazy and then I had someone to write to.” Sharing her experience, helping each other, becomes the best solution for her.

Facing many accolades, the journalist decided to create a support group on Facebook: “I have a hard time answering everyone and I think to myself that maybe the person I helped last month can contact another person today. And maybe it can. Get things done. Do … I want it to be something. Positive, where we share our suggestions for getting better, promotes solidarity. ”

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