“It’s about life and death”: Alan Shearer strongly advocated …

It was a terrible picture in the match between Wolverhampton and Arsenal on Sunday evening. Raoul Jimenez had to be taken off the field after a serious collision. Arsenal defender David Luiz played, even though there was a serious wound and a strong bandage. The BBC’s Pandit Alan Shearer questioned this. “Football needs to be awakened. The way we deal with head injuries is not normal. “

With a bandage still bleeding, David Luiz returned to the field on Sunday evening after a serious collision. Arsenal confirmed that it had followed all protocols before returning its guards to the pasture.

“If they have followed all protocols, how is it possible that they are still allowed on the field,” Alan Shearer wonders on the BBC. “It has been a long time. Protocols in football are unacceptable. “

The IFAB (International Football Association Board) is currently investigating an additional replacement in case of a suspected uproar. That new rule can be introduced from January. “Why do we have to investigate first? Just do it, ”says Shear.

“We talk about the welfare of the players. Cricket is on it, NFL is on it, so is rugby. We are talking about the end of career of some players, about life and death. The time has come to take it seriously. Not next year, not next week, now. ”

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