It’s a Wales that carries the whole of the United Kingdom on its shoulders

Quiet and nice, Welsh. Beating the Turks on their game and determination, qualification or even first place in the group will be played at the Olympics tonight, and that was partly their goal. Wales’ spirit is strong, and ironically, the dancing mood of the other British teams will have to help balance a bit: after 0-0 at Wembley the day before yesterday, the Scots are, yes, satisfied as they have now. There is also only one goal in two games and some grumble about the choice of coach Gareth Southgate, with Jack Grealish, guilty of placing too much of the idol of the fans, hoping to pass the goal, while the English wonder where they are. can be wrong. Bench. Speaking of moral support, the Welsh ran the risk of being left alone this evening: but at the last minute the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza postponed the entry into force of a five-day quarantine obligation for people arriving from the United Kingdom, thus Pros of saving access to intent. Nearly four hundred, thus able to support a team that, having reached the semi-finals in 2016, have replaced some men, but have continued to produce better results than expected: after the thrilling draw against Switzerland, the match ended. The start showed a tough and determined team against Turkey, with a Ramsey who, in his ideal position, put the opposing defense in serious trouble, attacking midfielders.

It happens if you have a solid character like center forward Kiefer Moore as your sole striker, one of the quirky stories of this European. Twenty-eight, still four years before he was on loan to an English fifth division club, before a quick climb and a stellar 2020-21 season at Cardiff City, 20 goals and Zlatan’s playful nickname bestowed him in training. team mates. He could have been the other: Two years earlier the Chinese federation had approached Moore, who was willing to take advantage of his maternal grandfather’s origins to give him a shirt, who was born in Guangdong and then moved to Liverpool in his forties, but the interview Didn’t take anything.. If it had been different, the Moors would no longer enjoy these Europeans.

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