Italy Says Yes to UK Green Passes, but Stays in Five-Day Quarantine on Arrival

The Ministry of Health has issued a circular on the equivalence of vaccination and treatment certificates issued by third states, ie outside the European Union, with the necessary requirements. But what are the third countries whose vaccination certificates have the same validity as the Green COVID-19 certification (EU Digital COVID Certificate) issued by the Italian state? In addition to the countries of the Schengen Area (not all members of the European Union), the United States, Japan, Israel and Canada, Great Britain has now been reintegrated with an ordinance from the Ministry of Health. However, unlike other countries for which there is no quarantine, citizens of the United Kingdom, even if equipped with a green pass, are still forced to undergo a 5-day mini-quarantine upon arrival in Italy.

Citizens of all other non-EU countries are allowed (depending on the country: always or only for work, health, urgency and study) negative molecular or antigenic swabs in the 72 hours before entering Italian territory only after it is done. And depending on placement in the list of countries with minor (List D) or major (List E) restrictions, a quarantine of 5 or 10 days is predicted upon arrival.

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The circular specifies the mandatory requirements for non-EU vaccination certificates to be considered valid in Italy. In particular, the vaccination certificate – reads the circular signed by the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Prevention Giovanni Rezza – must contain at least the following content: identification data of the holder (name, surname, date of birth); Vaccine related data (name and batch); the date(s) of administration of the vaccine; Identification data of the person who issued the certificate (state, health authority).

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usable languages

And again: Vaccination certificate, in paper and/or digital format, must be produced in at least one of the following languages: Italian; english; French; the Spanish. In the event that the certificate was not issued in one of the four languages, it should be accompanied by a sworn translation, the ministry specifies.

Recognized Vaccines

The ministry recalls that “vaccines currently approved and authorized by EMMA in Italy are: Comirnati (Pfizer-BioNtech); SpikeVax (Modern); Vaxjeveria (AstraZeneca) and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

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