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Italy, a tough draw. Barcelona, ​​Koman worth 10 million

Roma , Italy will address Macedonia AI in the semi-finals of the qualifying playoffs Mondiali Qatar 2022, This was set up by the FIFA draw in Zurich, which, if he passed, would replace K Azuri. facing one between Portugal or Turkey, any match that will be played far away. The victory against Zoriya is already stored, Roma are in a major emergency in midfield for the match against Torino. Mourinho is still forced to train and invent players to make up for the absence of many players. Vertout has been disqualified, Cristante and Villar are also absent for covid, only Darbo and Bove remain on the bench, two youngsters still very little employed, apart from Pure Diara who hasn’t played in Serie A since August . Pellegrini still hurts with a knee problem, but will grind his teeth, and Zaniolo will have some calf trouble, but that’s not a concern at the moment. Ronald Koeman’s early termination cost Barcelona 10 million euros, with the Dutchman having relinquished his claim to receive the other two million which he would have been entitled to under the contract. Italy closed the match against the United States with a second single, the opening match of Group E of the Davis Cup. Pala Alpitur’s Fast Indoor in Turin. listen to the afternoon news

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