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The leader of the right-wing Lega party woke up to the controversy when officials from the Haute-Savoie region in the French region established a natural protection zone around the Chamnix-Mont-Blanc, Hauchs and Saint-Gravice-les-regions. Bains. The move has sparked outrage in Italy, which has accused its neighbor of trying to take full control of the region, making it a favorite holiday destination for Italian skiers and travelers.

Mont Blanc, or Monte Bianco, is what the Italians call the highest mountain in Western Europe. It marks the alpine boundary between the two countries but has no physical boundary separating the Italian and French parts.

Mr Salvini said the mountain trip was to remind the French that they “can’t do what they want” in the region.

And in the words of Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Maio, an excited Mr. Salvini tweeted: “De Maio goes to the feet of Monte Bianco to repeat to the French while sleeping that they can’t do what they want!”

“Raise your hand from Monte Bianco.”

Georgia Maloney, a fellow nationalist leader and head of the Brothers of Italy party, blamed Mr Salvini for the attack, accusing the French of violating France’s borders.

Messi Maloney said: “More than a year ago, Fratelli de-Italia condemned the Italian government’s utter indifference to the unacceptable French attack on Monte Bianco.

“France continues to violate our borders.

“We can no longer tolerate another attack in Italy: we will do our best to defend the Italian border.”

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The Italian government has said it expressed its “deep frustration” with France yesterday over what Mont Blanc described as interference in Italian territory.

Mr de Maio said he had instructed the Italian embassy in Paris to make a formal complaint to the French government.

He said: “Such unilateral measures, which cannot and should not affect the territory of Italy, are not recognized by Italy.”

The natural protection zone includes various measures, including strict restrictions on the conservation of plants and wildlife, as well as the adoption of any kind of vehicles and pets.

Leading Italian cartographers Laura and Giorgio Aliprandi say the Mont Blanc summit should be split between France and Italy.

They agreed with French experts Sylvan Jauti and Hubert Adier, who said in 1999: “The border must be logically at the top.”

In 2015, Aliprandis said in a newsletter for the Italian Alpine Club: “Based on these considerations, we can conclude that the Mont Blanc summit should be marked on the combined Italian-French and official French map.

“This is a position that deserves full support, as we have seen, even in France it enjoys the full support of the most enlightened minds.”

(Additional report by Maria Ortega)

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