Italy coach says Jacobs can run too fast

TOKYO (AP) — The 26-year-old Texas-born Italian sprinter who surprised everyone by winning the 100 meters at the Tokyo Olympics may be just getting started.

Italian track and field team head coach Antonio La Torre believes Marcel Jacobs can run as fast as few men except Hussein Bolt.

After Jacobs recorded a personal best of 9.80 seconds, La Torre told The Associated Press on Monday, “Because of his immense talent, I would dare to say that he could have run closer to – or even faster – 9.70. Huh.” Day Bolt is the Olympic champion, otherwise known as the fastest man in the world..

La Torre reported that the final match took place exactly 2 hours after Jacobs scored 9.84 in their semi-final round.

“In (her semi-final) third final, Jacobs reached a speed of 43.3 kph (26.9 mph), which was faster than anyone else,” La Torre said.

After a skilful start to the final, Jacobs looked around the last meter, slowing down a bit to make sure there was no one.

“If he had pushed all the way, he could have scored 9.78,” La Torre said.

Apart from Bolt, who holds the world record of 9.58, only Tyson Kay and Johann Blake have so far run below 9.70.

Until a few years ago, Jacobs primarily had to be a long jumper. A series of injuries to his left knee – which he pushed into the long jump – prompted Jacobs to shift his focus entirely to the sprint.

“Unfortunately his knees are too fragile to handle the start of the long jump,” La Torre said. “He would have been a gold medalist in the long jump too, but every time he got injured.

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jacobs instagram handle It became “Kristlangjamber”.

Jacobs personal trainer Pavlo Kamosi is also an expert in jumping.

Camosi jumped three times at the 2001 Indoor World Championships, defeating then UK Olympic champion Jonathan Edwards.

“They have formed a very talented partnership. Palo has really grown up,” La Torre said.

Jacobs qualified for the 100 semi-finals at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Qatar; In March this year, the Italian won the gold medal in the 60 meters in the European interior in 6.47 seconds; Italy won silver in the 4 × 100 at the relay world championships in May; But it is still not considered a medal in Tokyo.

He hasn’t spent 10 seconds until this year, which raised some questions about Jacobs’ latest development on social media.

“I understand these questions because, unfortunately, it has always been that way,” La Torre said.

Professor La Torre, from the University of Milan specializing in sports science, has acted like a “mad” on all aspects of Jacobs’ entry into the sport.

The coach said working out on a specially designed track three times a week at the team’s Olympic training center in Rome was part of Jacobs’ training. correction, response time, and so on.

All the data of Jacob is stored in this group.

“They welcome anyone who wants to see it,” La Torre said.

This speculation has been a reaction to the team celebrating its biggest night in Olympic history..

Because just minutes before Jacobs won his race, Italian high jumper Gianmargo Tampere won the gold medal in a draw with Qatar’s Mudas Essa Parasim.

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Jacobs and Tampere celebrated Monday by having dinner together at 4 a.m., La Torre said.

It was a turning point for the team that failed to win even a medal in athletics at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

La Torre was hired after the Rio game to replace former Italy coach Elio Locatel.

Jacobs will return this weekend as a member of the Italian 4x100m relay alongside Filippo Doerto – he became the first Italian to run in under 10 seconds with a 9.99 three years ago – and Lorenzo Patta and Fosto Desallu.

“It can be a very competitive relay. Our goal is to reach the final – La Torre said – then anything can happen in the final.”

Jacob, as the world has now seen it, already knows.


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