‘It will explode head on body’: Donald Trump Jr. posted 2024 pictures | US News

Donald Trump Jr. appeared in front of a “Don Jr. 2024” sign in Nevada on Saturday and posted the picture online and waited for the “Lib head to explode.”

“Hahahahahaha” wrote the eldest son of the president on Instagram. “Oh boy. It was signed up at the Fallon Nevada Livestock Auction. It will blow the head off in Libya “(” Libya “is short for liberals.)

“Thanks to those who praised it… but let’s get a big win by 2020 first !!!!!”

Although Nevada went on to represent Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Joe Biden is headed by Donald Trump Sr. there this year, it is considered a swing state. Democratic voters are concentrated in Las Vegas and its suburbs, and Republicans can be found in more rural areas.

Trump Jr., 42, best known as an internet instigator who shares both his father’s heroism and his propensity to share conflict.

Since her father won the White House, she has not been as involved in politics as her sister Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, nor has she been as active in running Trump organizations as her brother Eric. He also has two half-siblings, Tiffany and Baron.

But Don Jr. seems to think Trump’s descendants are leaning more towards politics and he has become a valuable campaign surrogate aimed at communicating with the president’s base.

“Don Jr. Maga represents the emotional center of the universe,” Jason Miller, Trump’s veteran adviser to the New York Times, told the New York Times, using Trump’s slogan, “America Great Again,” briefly.

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Trump Jr. has only joked about running for office, but he and his sister have written strong articles about his father’s success with Republican candidates for 2024, or about trying to deny Joe Biden a second term.

The president’s eldest son has also published two books with political themes, the first if the list of top bestsellers comes with help from the party and the second is embarrassed for any mistake on the cover.

Recently a vice reporter Recommended That Pennsylvania Republican floated the idea that Trump Jr. would announce that he would retire instead of Republican Senator Pat Tom. Trump Jr. himself did not talk about the Pennsylvania seat.

Speaking to the Guardian this week, Rick Wilson, a former Republican adviser and member of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, called Trump Jr. a “post-Republican Republican …” There is only a performance decree that is independently owned by Trump. Demonstrating your contempt for world standards, institutions and education is a political performance art.

Wilson explained why, should Trump Jr. actually be considered a run for office, it could be an asset.

“It has become the ideological underpinning of the GOP. There is no other concept team. There is nothing there but the outcry of Trumpism. ”

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