“It is illegal to go on vacation”

WThe Health Minister has booked his summer vacation in Cornwall, with many Britons thought he might look ahead to a holiday trip. But the government’s statements quickly dispelled the possibility of the scene changing far and wide. People should not be booking holidays right now, Transport Secretary Grant Shaps said – “neither domestically nor abroad.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke at a press conference to understand that the government cannot make any forecasts at the moment. Health Minister joined on Thursday. Matt Hancock said it is “too early” to plan any summer. He himself booked his vacation last year when things looked different.

No more hope with deadline

More and more Britons are doing wonders. Asked a former foreign minister quoted in the Daily Telegraph, “If this does not lead to easy sanctions, then what does a world-class vaccination program mean?” One in four adults is now vaccinated with the first dose, but the government is announcing strict measures every day. On Thursday, all parents with gardens or balconies were asked to keep their children away from the playgrounds. In earlier days, the government had increased travel detention through new quarantine rules and the dreaded dangers of punishment. Johnson stated it in a remarkable sentence: “It is illegal to go on vacation.”

The government has learned from bad experiences and has not raised expectations with the deadline. When rigid travel restrictions are lifted or when schools will reopen it is answered with the blank phrase that “it depends on the state of the data”. Ministers are now generally allowed to do so with sentences given by politicians: “I don’t know.” That is the only date the British can see on 22 February. Johnson wants the evaluation of the first vaccination results to be completed and a program to return to normalcy is presented.

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